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     post your jj2 freestyles | [q]2011-09-17 13:09
JJnet user

Posts: 128
yo ladies and gentelmen i'm back, in time to let this baby boy Kenny know - you just wack
destined to be the king of Carrotus since the day i was born
those GpW foos, they close to 100 pts but now they gotta watch the throne
all the dorky turtles jump on my dick, they don't know how much they're lame
they dissin', they bitin', i just roast them & go HAM
bitch do u have any clue how oldskool i am?
alrdy went pwning at jdc 8, man that was so great
i just secured myself a place at Heaven.j2t's gate
all the playboy bunnies in the crowd holla at me
freestyling so hot, i'm making Reni wanna go all cracco on me
releast playa in dis game
got connections with da polish mob, now feel free to flame
Sasik and i, we have secret business meetings in Miami
he tells me "jew man, what u waiting for? go win a Grammy!
don't forget about Kenny
you taught him everythang, he's like your son, go make him happy"
i say "Sasik my brother u are right"
and i'm telling this to all of u cuz it must sink
"soon he'll be old enough to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah and i'll give him his 1st drink"

ÐarkLightCÇ: im probably pregnant but w/e

P.S. i don't approve Ron97's existence, log off my face nub. emo
JJnet user
Posts: 470
#1 | [q]2011-09-17 13:17
owww great emo once I had some freestyle about CC, but I don't have it anymore. Maybe Chiyu has it.
JJnet user
Posts: 1758
#2 | [q]2011-09-17 14:15
I made up a song in Serbian about GpW winning this season by pwning in a clanwar vs CC. It isn't done, but I might post it later emo

We rode on the winds of the rising storm,
We ran to the sounds of the thunder.
We danced among the lightning bolts,
and tore the world asunder.
JJnet user
Posts: 395
#3 | [q]2011-09-17 16:01
But CC not playing >O
JJnet user
Posts: 1758
#4 | [q]2011-09-17 16:07
Who cares? emo

We rode on the winds of the rising storm,
We ran to the sounds of the thunder.
We danced among the lightning bolts,
and tore the world asunder.
JJnet user
Posts: 263
#5 | [q]2011-09-17 17:11
nie masz co robic stary

JJnet user
Posts: 62
#6 | [q]2011-09-17 18:19
to samo pomyslalem ;p
JJnet user
Posts: 128
#7 | [q]2011-09-17 22:30
nie masz co robic stary

lol Moti stays salty, just take a joke and live with it
and i'm not an "old man", i'm barely over twenty, obviously i was bored & had nothing better to do..
SMH emo

ÐarkLightCÇ: im probably pregnant but w/e

P.S. i don't approve Ron97's existence, log off my face nub. emo
JJnet user
Posts: 86
#8 | [q]2011-09-25 19:27
after 10 minutes heres the city of rome
kanye and jay-z dear i pity the throne
so im hitting it home im the greatest of all time
getting reni cc naked with this line
i spent half of the time limit smoking a cigarette
realized usa isnt voting for niggas yet
but corporate interests disguised by a new face
revolving until humanitys disguised as a new race..~by KRS emo

not sure what he meant by the "getting reni cc naked with this line" part though
JJnet user
Posts: 140
#9 | [q]2011-09-25 19:55
Reni, cauz' you are beautiful. He wants to see you naked. He always wanted to, even though he didn't admit it straight (oh wait, he did once in a ZD if I recall correctly).

JJnet user
Posts: 189
#10 | [q]2011-09-26 07:10
Reni, I'm sorry if you don't want to be seen,
Don't be offended; that's not what I mean.
I do hope you feel you're a beautiful person,
But I've never seen you so I wasn't flirting.
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JJnet user
Posts: 376
#11 | [q]2011-09-26 09:58
Just got my ass pwnt on epitome,
Gry pwns there, he couldn't care less about the city of Rome,
That mothafucka going gangsta on me,
barbarian vandal at the gates, but I don't flee,
I'd rather see a bullet in me,
I'd rather duke it out on sweet epitome's medieval scenery.

All us homies wanna be, like mad man meister G,
Pwners every single one of us,
Winners pwning like a boss,
instead we laying in chalk, proud and brave,
all of us RFed and bounced around to our grave.
Ain't no place safe,
Ain't no place tight,
When meister G's about to bite.

But that's all right,
cuz when I'm facing master G,
I know I can count on my loyal infantry,
we're Gamers proud, every one of us,
pwning Worldwide in a town near you!
So watch out Space cuz we out to get you, FOO!

Now I know what y'all thinking,
mothafucka be full of it,
this lil green rabbit boy lookin to get hit.

Yo check it, that ain't so,
cuz there's a couple of things u got to know,
bout me and my homeboys,
GpW's very own.

I hear y'all rattling and prattling,
I hear y'all using big words,
I see you smelling pussy,
think we gone wussy!?

You talk big, but words are cheap,
but tell you what, you looking 4 a leap?
Challenge us and we'll bombard yo ass back to stone age,
real cheap!

Granted, you're names are scary,
one of you from Space,
that don't sound good,
(but then again, I've always thought aliens was just misundastood),
You packing yo mad man Sasik,
he cool,
Polish pwner, and no one's fool,
yet I was already old when this one was just a tool.
Next there's Warrior, what a fitting name,
for one who fights so valiantly in every game,
alas methinks that won't be enough,
when GpW alpha start's gettin' tough!

Oh w8, I forgot Slayer pan,
laddering so much it ain't even fun.

That bout it?

Quite a team.
Most people's dream.
But dawg, check this out:
There's a team on JJ2,
that's out to get all of you,
they play like Brazil used 2,
no kidding foo!
T'is true!

We got our mad man Hordinho,
hording ammo as he goes,
to pwn your base,
to pwn your soul,
mofo S3 everywhere he goes!

We got the king, the man that no one got,
we got THA KENNY,
and you all know how our mad man kenny, like to roll,
A true Kenny never gives up,
A true Kenny is a king of speed,
precision pwning with his m8 Kryt,
the killer kings our pride and joy,
they don't fool around,
couldn't care less about your ploy,
they live to pwn,
live to destroy!

But I guess you all forgot about the king,
that's how it goes,
one thing bout Kenny though,
one think I think y'all should know,
there aint no way to kill him bro,
watch some South Park yo!

I ain't even gonna start with Moti's massive tits,
Affi's serbian beats,
cuz I've been too long,
and this rhyme starting to look like my dong.

Lastly, if I may add,
I'm part of that glorious pwner company,
the group so jolly, jocund and full of glee,
that even Shakespeare's like:
"Me wants to see,
to see true pwn unleashed,
the way it ought to be,
by the mighty Gurus of the GeePeeWee!"

That mofo got it in the head from Kenny rage,
stupid fuck went S3,
forgot his ammunition in a tree,
"He's tiu",
"I got seeks!",
"Hordee mofo go S3!"
"Yessir chief, will do, and in style,
for I'm on JJ2TV,
want to look good for all the girls,
for I'm a teenager you see,
and those hormons playing tricks on me."
"Hordy GTFO nub, I no ask for a lesson on biology!"
Shakespeare dead,
badaboem bye bye,

The King is dead,
long live the Kings of Gaming,
the kings of rabbit poetry,
of teamplay and alacrity!
(shit, don't know nutin bout no alacrity, but shit sure sound good, don't u agree!?)


(This post has been helpful to 2 of the forumers.)
JJnet user
Posts: 86
#12 | [q]2011-09-26 13:54
seems like you totally misunderstood me emo
it doesnt disturb me at all if you'd like to see me like that
thats kind of normal...I guess >: )
also, I thought you had seen my pics already, thats why you were tryna flirt with me emo
P.S. Urbs jest w ch*j zajebisty!!!!!1
JJnet user
Posts: 200
#13 | [q]2011-09-26 19:59
Urbs, urbs, urbs.... emo.....
Thats just kennywhoring...

JJnet user
Posts: 189
#14 | [q]2011-09-29 05:22
Reni so you really were naked for my JJ2 freestyle? emo

JJnet user
Posts: 189
#15 | [q]2011-10-12 02:12

JJnet user
Posts: 189
#16 | [q]2012-01-31 05:42

JJnet user
Posts: 189
#17 | [q]2012-02-17 06:40
Oh, dear Reni, my
Darling, may I pick your NOSE?
"['TWAS] RADAR [V. 2]"