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     ecogical niches of Bunnies. | [q]2012-09-20 07:38
JJnet user

Posts: 189
Post about types of ecosystems Bunnies live in.

Snow Bunny : Hunt Polar bears, penguins
Jungle Bunny : sell Wood for housing
Desert Bunny : extract water from Underground
Garden Bunny : chew wires and grapevines
Town Bunny : operate politically and commercially
Lava Bunny : Fire resistent wool Coats
Shadow Bunny : populate caves with bats
College Bunny : read textbooks, Drink underage
Club Bunny : Dance and Party Late
Gang Bunny : Carry knives, Trade drugs
Gym Bunny : exercising, taking Protein Supplements
Online Bunny : cites Wikipedia in Essays
Aqua Bunny : never leaves water fountain
Transit Bunny : LISTENS Walkman, carries coins
Solar Bunny : goes outside without sunglasses
Farm Bunny : raises pigs and cattle
Meadow Bunny : collect Grass and berries
Tree Bunny : Hangs upsidedown from branches
Valley Bunny : Looks up at slopes
Mountain Bunny : deeply religious, risky Lifestyle
Mine Bunny : digs for expensive diamonds
Factory Bunny : creates products for World
Office Bunny : Talks on phone, Faxes
Teaparty Bunny : boils water, stirs Cup
Prison Bunny : tattooed, criminal, hates Police
Wealthy Bunny : operate Bank, Print Money
Extraction Bunny : finds metals from Earth
Tunnel Bunny : burrows through wormy dirt
Glowstick Bunny : wearing glowinthedark costume, Neon

JJnet user
Posts: 875
#1 | [q]2012-09-20 16:50
Space Bunny: unkillable for vacuum, builds planets...
Sound Bunny: good composers and sound producers. Can understand thoughts thru the sound...
Jarascka Bunny: good scientists, almost always has blue fur...


JJnet user
Posts: 12
#2 | [q]2012-09-20 17:53
Splat Bunny: grows infamous green plants in his backyard and smokes infamous green plants in his backyard.
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JJnet user
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#3 | [q]2012-09-20 19:28
Forum bunny: makes up ridiculous forum combining a bunny game and real life

Player: Air!
Air: ?
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JJnet user
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#4 | [q]2012-09-21 00:25
Ican Bunny: Can Kill Bilsy and End Stupid Lives...

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JJnet user
Posts: 189
#5 | [q]2012-10-10 06:24
Moon Bunny : Grows cheese, wears pajamas
Happy Bunny : uses several smiling emoticons
Sword Bunny : slays Dragons, upgrades armor
Pseudointelligent Bunny : has mirror, still staring
Zoo Bunny : trapped by watching humans
Peta Bunny : rejects leather and carnivorism