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     Nostalgia | [q]2012-10-19 14:28
JJnet user

Posts: 376
I just found a awesome site where you can play old games without downloading anything.
If you make an account you can create saves as well.
Its awesome, Im reliving my childhood. :3

(This post has been helpful to 2 of the forumers.)
JJnet user
Posts: 437
#1 | [q]2012-10-19 22:31
You can't believe, I found my Sega 16 bit game console and all diskettes for it while I was cleaning my attic. Can't wait to try it again! Until that, I will play games on that site, thanks a lot! I used emulator years ago, and it was boring. Thanks again!
JJnet user
Posts: 376
#2 | [q]2012-10-20 09:18
Yeah downloading emulators and roms often gives you virusses.
I still have my gameboy advanced, only most of my games cant save anymore, which makes it quite useless.
I also have my N64 in my attic, but Im too lazy to replace my way more used xbox 360. emo