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     congratulations for a new admin! | [q]2014-01-16 20:55
SR aka SlaYeravatar
JJnet user

Posts: 33
I also want to congratulate for recruit Lahm as an admin, He is so objective, when SE was flaming with me SE asked him for banning me, of course He agreed for that, He even decide to put a threats in skype (screen) To be clear Im not a saint, I always flame back when someone will attack me, of course you can say yea ,,fu.ck fuc.ker slayer" because He made spectate off for 10 seconds in december and destroyed your life, or you just used to ban him. For me making Lahm as an admin shows how low JJnet fall down, In past times even If I got banned or pusnished it was from my foult and admin doesnt flame me. Remember one thing: ANYONE WHO BANS IN PERSONAL SHOULDNT BE AN ADMIN, IF YOU ARE FLAMING IN FIGHT YOU SHOULDNT HAVE A RIGHT TO BAN PERSON. Don't forget that (no flame, just facts) Lahm became someone like a Judas of JJ2, (traitor in 2011) after that He joined CC in a glory like Artem had after making cheats, I couldnt be an admin and because of the same reason He shouldnt be too. To be clear I didn't provoke Lahm, I don't even speak to him.

JJnet admin
Posts: 257
#26 | [q]2014-01-19 22:28
Borgia wrote:

Crashing wasn't the right word, but he was indeed
hacking The Server, causing the game to run
extremely slow, while spamming tons of messages
per second, such as:
This is just a small selection from what he was
spamming. The complete amount of messages is
way way way larger than this.

Where did he spam like this?
JJnet user
Posts: 395
#27 | [q]2014-01-19 22:32
In "The Server" :p

JJnet user
Posts: 147
#28 | [q]2014-01-19 22:38
I can't agree more with KRSplatinum. I seriously don't know why Slayer is still allowed to even join the duel servers. Nobody cares if he gets a permaban. If he really wants to play, he can host his own server and find another clan ladder website. emo

Puke Nukem

JJnet user
Posts: 295
#29 | [q]2014-01-20 00:39
Yeah, says someone who abused admin powers before themselves, who banned me for "because you're autistic". Well done.

"I always flame back when someone will attack me"

Surrre, you're totally innocent. Never ever the initiator, right guys?

[19:55:50] VLAD8: YOU BITCH

It's been almost 3 years and JJ.net STILL hasn't fixed the freaking cookies. No wonder hardly anyone posts here anymore.

JJnet user
Posts: 2
#30 | [q]2014-01-24 17:44
According to your comments, last time Slayer ruined a game was a month ago. If he wasn't punished then he shouldn't be punished now. And if you're banning him for flaming then, according to Kyro, we should ban most JJ2 players.

Lahm is the one whose actions are being debated here, here's a quote from the staff rules:
- Staff members will not behave immorally.
- Staff members will not neglect, insult, or treat people unfairly.
- Staff members are expected to set a good example, not act stupid.

Lahm broke these 3 rules by insulting Slayer back when he should have just banned him right away.
JJnet user
Posts: 146
#31 | [q]2014-01-25 09:46
Yeah,I admit that was a mistake with for me writing that message to slayer,I was really pissed,Anyway,Slayer wasn't banned for flaming,And it wasn't me who banned him,it was a vote of the majority of the cd staff.Sometimes everyone gets pissed,I admit I shouldn't have gotten that pissed though.

ius is black
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