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     Forum game game | [q] 2015-01-01 12:01
Calm Splatavatar
JJnet user

Posts: 63
The game is to make up a theoretical forum game that could be posted as a thread.

Rules: - No playing the made-up forum game in this thread

Example A.
- Essay game, in this thread every post must be an essay and a response to the previously posted essay

Example B.
- Dictionary game, in this thread every post must define a word chosen by above poster, and you have to post your own word that's up for a definition

Example C.
- Meta-reference game, every post that is a reference to itself is called a meta-reference, this game is a meta-game because the game is about how the game is played, but no analyzing how the previous post is meta-referential, as your post must refer to itself, not the posts of others

First "official" (not exemplary) "forum game" game:

- Beauty of the list?
--- Post the same list twice, once with dashes, the other time with bullets. Next poster decides which way the list looks better.

(for example)

Grocery list
- tuna fish
- tomatoes
- salsa
- guacamole
- pears

Grocery list
· tuna fish
· tomatoes
· salsa
· guacamole
· pears

Second unofficial forum game game example:

- DNA/RNA game
--- Post a code, description, soliloquy of form, randomness or thought process
--- Then, post almost the same thing with a slight alteration, and examine each versions on different levels


"I am a cat"
"Yo be pussy"

Version 1 is less offensive
Version 2 contains more Spanish words

Ok, no more explanation for this game emo
no replies