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     Recomend video games | [q]2015-01-19 18:19
Jelly Jam
JJnet user

Posts: 302
Hello world!
On this thread, you get to recomend some of your favorite games.
What your recomandation must have is:
-Type of game
-Screenshots (if possible)

Don't post download links to that game on this site.
Whadaya waiting for? Recomend some games so that we're not bored!

Also if you have an account, post your favorite games on this thread's JCF alternative!
Calm Splat

JJnet user
Posts: 63
#1 | [q]2015-01-21 09:29
Halo: Spartan Assault

Type of game: Mobile/shoot-em-up
Gameplay: Like jazz stick shooter demo
Story: Go on missions. Play halo on your cell phone. Get extracted from missions.

Rift game

Type of game: action-based MMORPG
Gameplay: Create a character. Kill stupid, soulless voids by pressing number buttons on your keyboard.
Story: Religious mumbo-jumbo, essentially going on quests for NPCs

Diablo 3

Type of game: RPG
Gameplay: Button-mash to survive, listen to audio books, manage your inventory
Story: A meteorite destroys a library and townsfolk search for truth

Action Bowling 2

Type of game: Sports/arcade/mobile
Gameplay: Swipe across the screen to bowl
Story: Bowling pins got knocked over and then picked back up


Type of game: Classic video game/arcade platform/mobile
Gameplay: Hop onto moving logs, crocodiles, hop between cars, etc.
Story: A frog tries to cross a river, a road, and more


Type of game: Mobile/classic video game
Gameplay: Squiggle across the screen eating dots to make you into a longer line
Story: The snake cannot eat itself, because it would be dead

Fireworks Arcade

Type of game: Mobile/whack-a-mole clone
Gameplay: Tap the spark to make a firework
Story: Fireworks come in multiple colors and arrays

JJnet user
Posts: 13
#2 | [q]2015-02-16 13:55
I would recommend the following PC games [Maybe some with emulators but on PC with emulators]:

1] X-Men Origins Wolverine: A game where gameplay of wolverine is actually worthy to try. The PC/Ps3/360 version is "Uncaged Edition" which contains high level of gore that gives true slicing feelings. Its easy to play, can run in low spec PC in 60 FPS. The graphics aren't outstanding but its not terrible either.


2] MDK 2: An old but yet one of the great 3rd Person shooter games. The gameplay is great, graphics are nice too [Nice graphics in Ps2 generation]. An HD remastered version was released in Steam that you can buy. But HD version isn't much different from the original one after all. And it contains some bugs in main menu which doesn't matter anyway. HD version is HD thats true; but it can't compete with any HD games of now a days.

3] Earthworm Jim: A 2D side-scrolling game released in multiple platforms back in 1994. This game is kind of funny. Gameplay is like any other side-scrolling game. Only versions worthy of playing are: Windows 95 version [Its not MS-Dos version, don't be confuse]. But since newer windows doesn't support 320x240 resolution in fullscreen, this game is now playable in only window mode. Also, musics won'trun unless you have the original game disk. So you can download "SEGA CD" version and play it with emulator. But SEGA CD version is graphically poorer than PC version but still its ok thanks to the features of emulator than enhances the graphics.

4] Earthworm Jim 2: Its sequel. PC version was terrible, so I suggest playing the "SEGA Saturn" version or "SNES" version with emulator. Saturn version is graphically superior than any other versions.

5] The House of The Dead: SEGA's first person rail-shooter game. Play the "SEGA Model 2" version with "Nebula M2 Emulator" as PC versions graphics was terrible.

6] House of Dead 2: Last game of this series which was good one. House of Dead 3 and later versions aren't worth playing. The PC version is good with LAN support for multiplayer games [Which can be played online with virtual LAN emulators like Hamachi].

7] Urban Terror: A free first person shooter online game. This was actually a mod for Quake Arena [Which was a similar game]. But in 2004 Urt became a standalone game. Graphics aren't nice but acceptable. But gameplay is good and there are lot of players online in many servers. Worth giving a try as its a free game.

8] Spider-Man 3: Only game of the Spider-Man series where Spider-Man looked like Spider-Man. Gameplay is good. But FPS limited to 30 which sucks. [Amazing Spider 2 is good too, but gameplay feels a bit boring due to repetitive moves. Never played Amazing SpiderMan 1].

9] Far-Cry 3: Nothing much to explain, 1st person shooting game. Game story is great, gameplay is great too. Graphics are nice.

10] Btw, if any of you here are "Resident Evil" fan, then I suggest playing Resident Evil Revelations. Its a Resident Evil game where Crapcom finally used their common sense to make the controls suitable for playing. I don't like Resident Evil much, RE Revelations is the only game of RE series that I felt like playing.

And following PS2 games:

1] Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2: EA always have a bad tendency to make the PC ports like complete crap and they did with NFS HP2. NFS HP2 on all platforms other than PS2 was quite effortless port. But in PS2 version, the gameplay is fantastic, graphics are smooth and nice. But the game runs in 24 Fps that makes it annoying sometimes. But its worth playing, one of the last NFS series of PS2 where they made the graphics according to PS2 standard [NFS MW/Carbon on Ps2 was terrible].

2] Burnout Revenge: A nice arcade style Racing game. The graphics are excellent, it looks almost like Ps3 games. The game runs smooth too. Gameplay is fun [Although depends if you like fast paced games and want to rush like mad always]. Its worthy of playing. Xbox 360 version gives slightly more better graphics than PS2 port. But runs in 30 FPS, so I recommend playing the Ps2 one.

3] Batman Begins: The only Batman game I liked. Once again, with excellent graphics, strategy and stealth based game with nice plot; the game is worthy of playing if you are Batman fan. Even though the game runs in 24 Fps [Due to fact that Ps2 can't handle or maybe developers were dumb enough to optimize], its still a great game.