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     Internet Explorer automatically storing and saving web-links about child rape porn | [q]2015-03-20 04:53
JJnet user

Posts: 189
Yes, what the thread title says is real. I found this in: Internet Options -> Security -> Restricted Sites -> Sites. Hopefully I will find a way to remove these offensive links from my computer immediately. Otherwise it seems it will take a long time to find a way to remove all of the links like this; there are many. How did they get there? -- is what I'm wondering, and why is this allowed to be on my computer?

Not to mention all the other illegal, immoral web-links on this list. But it's probably not worth going into detail about. More important is actually cleaning up this mess.

EDIT: Found a decent solution here: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/ie/forum/ie8-windows_other/remove-restricted-sites-in-internet-options-all-at/d3881665-945e-410f-91fc-e3818e17fe1c

JJnet admin
Posts: 846
#1 | [q]2015-03-20 11:23
Don't use that browser emo

JJnet user
Posts: 147
#2 | [q]2015-03-20 15:44
Nobody has child porn links there. I don't know what sites you or someone using your PC visit, but stay away from teh internetz, except for jazzjackrabbit.net, jazz2online and pukenukem.com emo

Puke Nukem

JJnet user
Posts: 189
#3 | [q]2015-03-20 16:40
I never visited those types of sites anyway, that's unreasonable. I didn't recognize 1 single site on that list. But anyway, I don't know of any web browsers that will run on my computer. IE is impossible to remove, but indeed about 50% of webpages cause it to stall and are impossible to load. Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, QtWeb - all these browsers I used to use, no longer work on my computer. Anyway, this is a pointless post now, as I already found a solution for the original topic. Other than that, also yes, those browsers along with many other programs (maybe 50% of programs) won't run on my computer either. But regardless, it's not anyone's job to fix all of that (at least not here), I just made this post out of frustration late last night. BTW, there are more websites that don't revolve around Jazz Jackrabbit. That's like saying: "don't eat except for eating at McDonalds, Burger King or Wendys." Maybe that's not the best reference if those restaurants aren't in your area, but still, there are plenty more of legitimately useful sites online. Unless you really think the Internet is a waste, and we shouldn't try to communicate over the Internet at all anymore. That's not totally a bad idea - I could see the validity in eliminating the Internet from my life entiry. But I wouldn't go online and limit myself to those 3 sites. Well anyway, this is already overdramatized.