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     Camel Soft Drinks | [q]2015-03-26 08:37
JJnet user

Posts: 242
You've seen my other thread which is based on types of coffee! This thread is about drinks other than that.

In 2009, a secret society founded by members of the illuminati first came up with the formula for Dr. Citrus, which eventually proved to be the greatest thing since the invention of things.

In 2015, the creators of Dr. Citrus have struck platinum once again, with Mist Dew.

The formulas for each are as follows:

Dr. Citrus (regular)

- 50% Dr. Pepper
- 50% Orange juice

Dr. Citrus (preferred)

- 3/8 Dr. Pepper
- 3/8 Orange juice
- 2/8 Lemonade

Dr. Citrus (jungle)

- 3/8 Dr. Pepper
- 3/8 Orange juice
- 1/8 Lemonade
- 1/8 Hawaiian Punch

Dr. Citrus (unlimited)

- 1/4 Dr. Pepper
- 1/4 Orange juice
- 1/4 Lemonade
- 1/4 Limeade

These are time-tested formulas for a pleasurable beverage-drinking experience! But now, we're releasing the secret formula for a new product that's NOT Dr. Citrus!

Mist Dew

- 50% Sierra Mist
- 50% Mountain Dew

... enjoy!
JJnet user
Posts: 242
#1 | [q]2015-03-26 19:21
1 more trick: Candy Soda

- Soda with added chocolate chips