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     NEVER mix batteries and lighters together | [q]2015-04-10 06:21
JJnet user

Posts: 189
I recently put away some 9V batteries in a compartment with a Bic lighter. Somehow the +/- sides of the 9V battery got connected to the part of the lighter that holds the flame. (If you're not familiar with lighters or batteries, just ignore this.) When I later checked in on the compartment, the 9V battery and the Bic lighter had generated an extremely hot temperature; it took a while for it to finally cool down. Anyway I just make this post to say: trying to reproduce this effect is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED. Unless you want to generate heat at random, but it's likely highly dangerous and also wasteful to use these unsafe equipments in an uncontroled environment. There could be unforeseen and unintended consequences which would potentially be disastrous. And AFAIK, it's also useless and boring to do on purpose.
JJnet user
Posts: 263
#1 | [q]2015-06-25 20:39
i am not familiar with batteries much of but i still have read this. however, i am a big fan of lighters, i dont collect them really, just randomly, like i put the used up ones to the box somewhere and theyre just there (eventually try them all when desperate), i actually looked to the box today and i didnt count them, but they all have history you know (i think ive got like -teen or twentysome), i always get sentimental to the lighters i owe (not to the shit ones tho). so it always pisses me off when someone manages to steal one of mine (on purpose or not - DAMN STEALthiefshitcunt), thats why i always ask to give me my lighter back. i hate when someone asks me to lend a lighter for longer than 7 seconds, thats like planned robbery. im a naive noob though i usually give em but now i always say 'its name is give it back' and they give it back lol because theyre scared that i remember about it. the worst ones are who abuse the fact that im distracted or stoned or too nice to say and just like simply start owing it pretending being uncounscious. for me perfect time to give my lighter away is for 4 seconds, but i can understand it may take a bit longer. i hate dropping lighters in cars, especially taxis. sometimes i even drop them from my pocket because ive got more than a lighter in one pocket, i still do that mistake yes, so preferably one pocket in my trousers is for lighter (tip for ones who want to steal it from me on a higher sneak level). anyways i appreaciate your experience you shared with us, however i think you should be more careful and not risk your life too much. i dont suspect you do anyways, but still i dont want you to be harmed for no reason. thank you for the advice, i wont ever do the experiment you did, but ill consider it once i will really need to produce some little heat (dont think i will ever need to).
JJnet user
Posts: 263
#2 | [q]2015-06-25 20:41
and about batteries i really do not know much, just like one is AAA or AA or there was another naming for it my dad uses but i forgot now whoops
JJnet user
Posts: 250
#3 | [q]2015-06-29 17:06
i think you are basically saying that: lighters are annoying, and batteries are equally annoying.

9 volt batteries are annoying to me. You used to need them for guitar tuners, now cell phone rechargable tuner is a higher standard IMO.

lighters need some technological advancement as well. They serve almost no purpose in today's society; i wish i never had to use one. However design schematics are rare as gold too.

Generating heat is questionable insofaras why you would want to do that. Ultimately our species has to evolve to a point where we can withstand the temperature around us and truly become Earth citizens, rather than be alienated on a planet of climate extremes. As i said using a battery ± lighter mechanism is spotty logic. Also moving to a world where we can make clay balls allows a higher degree of reciprocity. I also would guess that ambient light or atmospheric light pollution is caused by photoelectric light reflecting on surfaces of water/humidity. However, also culturally how are these worth comparing to a realm of lighters and batteries? The fact that they are electrical conductors or grounded makes a major difference.

I think btw that ppl have to create safety normalcy, about being normally safe. In these conditions life will be more good compared to having danger generators which make ppl less happy. Describing / outlining standard protocol is an important matter therefore. From my observation, the amount of effort u devote to a task, doesnt anymore affect the quality of the outcome. Rather the amount of focus used decides the quality of performance. So my goal will to be somehow make things easier, conserve resources, and liberate ppl from useless tasks. Philosophically the nature of this begets having specific examples. For example, conserving resources, energy and assets like money and time; allows liberation of free time and allocating resources toward goals.

Conclusively, simply avoiding letting the +/- terminals of a Duracell-style 9-volt battery align and connect to the metal top of an average Bic-style lighter prevents or eliminates having this issue at all. Ultimately though, it is not the end of the world or universe or anything. Also anyone with a basic sense of electrical mechanism could have consciously predicted this outcome. Only someone with some sort of pseudo-realistic resistance to being electrocuted or burned should bother intentionally trying to avoid this though.