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     There's more to life than JJ2 | [q]2015-05-24 17:31
JJnet user

Posts: 248
Although it's sometimes untrue and there isn't more to life than JJ2, in fact there really is. And although I used to say: there's more to life than basketball, it's true of JJ2 as well. There's no time to play any game nonstop. In other words, it's not necessary to devote 100% of time and energy to JJ2, there has to be limitations. Otherwise you get labeled as a no-lifer, and other areas beside JJ2 will deteriorate. It's true of anything Imo, not just basketball or JJ2. The key component is to be well-rounded and versatile. That doesn't mean quit forever, ignore it, or be inactive... just find balance between multiple things. It's very difficult for me to find balance, using JJ2 as rest from basketball, etc. Those are just examples, if you do 1 thing all day every day, people view you like a crackhead. That's why Imo, I want to find a balance between having fun in JJ2, with also having fun in my whole life. So my point is... where can I find a balance like that? Not just about this game, there are times when I'm obsessed with several other topics. I don't want to strictly have one obsession for every 6 months, like spend 6 months obsessed with basketball, 6 months obsessed with JJ2. This may be enjoyable, but that time isn't an adequate representation of what's going on in the world. I'd rather gain a multifaceted perspective.

JJnet user
Posts: 295
#1 | [q]2015-05-25 05:38
You don't say.

People are irrational. We get addicted to things that don't give us real life benefit. The subconscious does not abide so well to words, just whatever positive chemical reaction you gain off of.

There's nothing much to replace my internet addiction. There's barely anything to do here and I'm difficult when it comes to making friends for the sake of it (I don't find much satisfaction in socialising for the sake of it if I want to do something). I don't like sports.

As for JJ2 addiction, that wore off years ago for me.

But I have low self-esteem anyway, and I don't care if people think of me as some nolifer. It's just not worth worrying what others think of you too much. Contrary to what others think, shaming does not help, it just breeds isolation.

[19:55:50] VLAD8: YOU BITCH

It's been almost 3 years and JJ.net STILL hasn't fixed the freaking cookies. No wonder hardly anyone posts here anymore.
JJnet user
Posts: 248
#2 | [q]2015-05-25 12:13
My main issue is that, given the current scenario you depict, there's no way to possibly make any improvements to your life, or fix any problem, without dedicating tremendous enormous amounts of time. It takes 1 second to make a comparison between you and I. That doesn't reveal anything though, we are probably just in identical situations, somewhat... but our reactions to them are different. It's easier to accept the friends you have than to make new friends. Usually if you don't then other people won't accept you, so that's why I said you should accept other people. But in light of that, you remind me that 5 years ago I was a nub playing in Zeal Alpha, and I think you were the strongest player who I could get on my team. If that's a real account that means I played with you for almost 5 years. My point in saying that is, actually it could be the cause of why you said: you have internet addiction.. I insinuated that I have nothing to do except JJ2. Well, those elements are related, since you're one of the main reasons that I still care, still like and play.

So, try to get your self-esteem up with the fact that in my opinion, you're a good person. Actually, just going a few days without chatting with you on JJ2 or forums is honestly somewhat disheartening. Just - don't be worried that other people dislike you: instead be assured that people really like you, even if I say I like you, it means more (that you're a necessary part of the social structure, regardless of what place or stance you take in the structure we have). Due to time constraints, everybody isn't able to appreciate every single vital component to life, at all times, even if they have to.

Also, what I really should have said is: friendship is 1 of the main things in life, that doesn't require JJ2. So thanks TreyLina for bringing that up.