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     SSB Stargate Journeyman Project | [q] 2015-06-25 01:08
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hey ppl, dont wanna make a big mess here, but i needed to share an update on my current fanfic. jj2 is a necessary component but not solely the major character, in the history of this fic this is a crossover, so dont expect the jj2 universe to be 100% of this fanfic. however it will be an integral part. right now 2 sections are ready for me to post, previous sections are available on jcf and some other sites probably, im not gonna keep track of the complete history to make it fully its own canon universe. so allow for some discrepancies between storylines on jcf, other relevant forums and now here. also pls ignore double posting, it will be ugly without that. this being said, double posting isnt necessary yet.

parts 0 and 1 here. pt 0 finished, pt 1 may continue or move on. not sure yet.

SSB Stargate: Journeyman Project

Introductory Preview

In a Pokémon gym not too far from wonderland, a team of Metapods trained to become the best team in Pokémon battles. They wanted to defeat all the highest ranked competition, and show the world that their skills were unstoppable and unmatchable.

Their basic strengths relied on outwitting their opponents, being more determined to reach victory, and having the willpower to keep trying over and over again, never giving up, until they finally reached their goal.

page break

This team of Metapods knew. In the future, when they all had evolved to Butterfrees, their odds of staying together as a competitive, ranked team were low. That's why, essentially, all they had was now. Either they could live in the moment, or squander their only chance to form a cohesive unit. The closer they came to quitting, ever further they were from victory.

Therefore, when they didn't train, they had mainly only to focus on eliminating all flaws. They were a young team, and thus naturally disorganized compared to professional/fully-evolved squadrons. Their squad was loosely knit and their inexperienced trainer was assembling the group only as an after-school hobby. It was not her top priority, though Hazel was getting to know her most active Pokémon, such as Nathan, Troy, and Molly: all mid-level Metapods. Hazel did have a little knowledge on Pokés other than Metapods. This squad had just seemed to come together on its own, and yet it was almost entirely a learning experience, not just for the highly devoted battling Pokés, but for Hazel who was only 11 years old and turning 12 in July.


ok, well other than that gonna share as well as the jj2 movie idea, also had an idea for a shakespeare sequel called "Secondlife Romeo and Juliet" but 1 thing at a time, maybe i will post that next or probably wait and add a little more content first. thx guys, if this thread is annoying hopefully not but, might as well start releasing this update to the story.

actually here i will post this doc in this post as a bonus. enjoy, its nowhere near even practically started yet.

Secondlife: Romeo and Juliet

ANNOUNCER: "Continue?"

Juliet: "Yes ->"
Romeo: "Yes ->"

ANNOUNCER: "Reinitializing... 2 stock remain"
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