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     National tournament? | [q] 2018-05-02 03:28
Jelly Jam
JJnet user

Posts: 326
Hi everybody. I can't be the only one who was thinking about this, but starting this thread seemed like one of the first steps to realizing this idea, so I decided to bite the bullet.

So, should we or should we not try to play a National tournament this year? At the moment, one would say JJ2 doesn't have enough active players for a big tournament like this. However, it's only May. Of course that most of the players, especially us younger ones, have school or university duties or just jobs that are preventing us from even thinking of playing this game. But summer holidays are almost there and chances are that a good number of people will come back.

I feel like I started the topic a month or so in advance, but that should give enough time for people to notice it. It's going to be hard getting 8 teams like last time ( 8 non-fantasy teams *cough*), but I'm already willing to ring a few contacts for my own team, and I can't be the only one here who would do that! I'm sure that we can get enough interest. We have over a month so there's not even a need to rush anyone. We have plenty of time to ask people if they are interested. If everything works out, I'm sure that we will have a great summer of playing JJ2 ahead of us!

So what do you think?
JJnet user
Posts: 73
#1 | [q]2018-05-02 14:52
tbh I doubt we would get 8 teams, even last time RO was sort of a team to get easy points on. Number between 4-6 is the most likely we could get. But that kinda force us to change format. Tho, idm contacting some Polish players and ask they whether they'd be likely to participate.
JJnet user
Posts: 397
#2 | [q]2018-05-04 10:32
The format is only decided upon after it is known how many teams will participate. If 6 teams would participate then 2 groups of 3 teams would work perfectly.
JJnet admin
Posts: 110
#3 | [q]2018-05-04 21:47
I think we can give it a shot this year. However I believe the timing needs to be optimal this year, when the activity is generally lower. From my experience the best time would be somewhere in late July-early August. This will allow many players who'd otherwise be too busy have a chance to play on a potential summer vacation. Though ofc there will be players who are going on a trip instead, etc.

If I recall correctly, last time we first allowed only real countries join in the first place. And had there been any uneven number of teams in the end, we would have allowed fantasy teams to sign up as a last resort. I think this is the best way to do it this time too.

After all, the last NT (2016) was probably even the most successful one so far, having had no fantasy teams at all and only one forfeit match overall. Thus we can pretty much go with whatever format & rules we had last time.

It will be interesting to see what kind of a mappool we will manage to muster for this edition.
JJnet user
Posts: 397
#4 | [q]2018-05-05 08:54
No fantasy teams, I prefer 1 group with 3 teams and 1 with 4. Also players always go on vacation throughout the summer. We have often started late-July or early August, this might work but usually the tournament takes too long and then everyone becomes inactive in early/mid- September. Might be an option to start in June and have everyone play their group matches before the 20th of July or sth.
JJnet user
Posts: 470
#5 | [q]2018-05-11 01:01
Or even maybe a league system with playoffs or finals where 1st ranked team has some advantage (choosing maps etc)
Jelly Jam
JJnet user
Posts: 326
#6 | [q]2018-05-11 14:04
I don't support the idea of uneven numbers of teams per group.

I mentioned a leauge system before as well and that would be our best bet, especially if the tournament gets fewer teams this time. But if 8 teams sign up like last time, I'd rather stick with the groups and elimination stages, to prevent potential forfeits due to a bigger ammount of matches the teams would have to play.

If a leauge system does get accepted, I'm all for the good old playoffs between the top 4 teams, where the team with a higher ranking has a small advantage of some kind over their opponent.