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Rules: General rules with regard to the ladder site

§1: Abuse

Clans abusing the ladder system in any way in order to gain an advantage or just to be a nuisance may be banned from playing. Further punishment may include making inaccessible the accounts of the persons responsible for the abuse, in extreme circumstances. For example, someone who has made fake accounts for fake wars may lose access to all of accounts and be banned.

§2: Refusing clanwars, arranging clanwars and no-shows

§2.1 Clans with 20% or more of the maximum ranking points may not refuse clanwars (not ladder matches) against lower-ranked clans who have got at least 50% or more of the challenged clan's ranking points.

§2.1.1 It does not matter if the challenging clan falls below 50% of challenged clan's ranking points after the challenge has been sent, as long as they had the amount at the point the challenge was sent.

§2.1.2 Clanwar challenges should be sent on the site, but once the challenge has been received, the receiver should initiate negotiations about the details, most importantly: when the clanwar is to be played. After receiving a challenge, recruiting players that will participate in the clanwar is prohibited.

§ Once an agreement has been reached, accept the clanwar and make sure that an admin updates the clanwar accordingly to the agreements reached (time, and any deviations from the standard clanwar format - make sure to provide evidence in the case of disputes).

§2.1.3 In order to make it less of a problem that clans could fall behind on purpose in order to refuse a challenge, a minor alteration to §2.1 was decided on: clans may not refuse challenges from clans that only have 15 points more than them or less.

§2.1.4 If they do refuse a clanwar against a clan that they wouldn't be allowed to refuse against by the aforementioned rules, they will lose the amount of points they would have lost if the clanwar were lost 40-0. The other clan gets no points.

§2.2 If a clan has a clanwar scheduled within the next 30 days, this rule does not apply and they may refuse all challenges sent to them.

§2.3 The first challenge has priority over other challenges: Quickly accepting a second challenge and refusing the first is not allowed and will be considered abuse.

§2.4 In case of a no-show, the missing clan loses points as if it had lost the clanwar 40-0. The other clan gets half of the points it would have received if it had won 40-0.

In essence: After reaching 20% of the maximum ranking points, you can never refuse a clanwar against a lower ranked clan with 50% or more of your ranking points (or a clan with a lead of 15 points or less), so you should start discussing a suitable date with your opponent as soon as possible via your favourite instant messaging service.

§3: JJnet's timezone

Jazzjackrabbit.net uses GDT+1 (which is GMT+1 or GMT+2 depending on whether daylight saving time is applicable).

§4: Multi-clanning

A player may only be a member of one active clan at a time.

§5: Winning a season and the final rankings

§5.1 When a clan reaches 100 points, the ladder ranking will be frozen, meaning that no more ladder matches may be played. Players may only play CW matches for the clan they are a member of at that point until the final matches have finished. Clanwars or challenges made before the moment when 100 points was reached still have to be played, mutually cancelled or rejected (with the appropriate punishments) off-season, however.

§5.1.1 Once all off-season clanwars have been dealt with, the two highest ranked clans will be invited to participate in the season final, and the 3rd and 4th clan will be invited to the bronze final. They shall start as soon as possible.

§5.1.2 It does not matter if there is no clan with 100 points anymore when the off-season period ends (this might be the case after an off-season clanwar), as long as there is a clear top four.

§5.1.3 If one of the clans is not interested in participating, the clan ranked fifth will be invited, and so on.

§5.1.4 1 If no other clans sign up, the clan that reached the most points wins the season.


§5.2 The clans participating in the final matches will be given the first ranks in the final ranking.

§5.3 The remaining clans will be given the remaining ranks according to the points obtained during the regular season and (as the ladder is frozen) obviously cannot continue to play ladder matches either.

§6: Final/Bronze match rules

§6.1 Regular clanwar rules are applicable in the final matches, except for exceptions mentioned in this section

§6.2 A clan that has reached a higher ranking during the season than its opponent, has the privilege of picking map order, team color order on every map (can choose team colors on overtime round as well) and is entitled to issue 1 extra veto which may be used on a map of any size.

§6.2.1 All clans will be allowed to change TWO (2) of their previous veto levels without restrictions for the final matches. Without restrictions meaning that the new vetoes may be issued on maps of any size, so the clan may have e.g. 4 vetoes on 2v2+ maps or 4 vetoes on 3v3+ maps, etc. Please note that this opportunity does not stack with the opportunities gained during the season (which must be used before the ladder is frozen). Any unused vetoes may still be issued for the final matches.

§6.2.2 In order to let clans prepare for this, the clans have to announce their new veto levels during the invitation phase to the final matches. Should a clan decline their invitation, the invitation phase will extend as a new clan is invited and the clans whose expected opponents change may still change their veto levels until the new deadline.

§6.2.3 The previous rule about the higher ranked clan being able to pick the tiebreaker map does not apply anymore, and the clans will have to follow the normal clanwar procedure on picking the tiebreaker.

§7: Clanwars and normal matches

There are two kinds of matches that can be submitted: clanwars, and normal matches.

§7.1 We define a clanwar as a match for which the teams are well prepared, and are supposed to play with their best team. The match is planned ahead of time, which gives both clans a chance to prepare properly for it.

§7.1.1 The challenge system on JJNet must be used if the match shall be counted as a CW.

§7.2 We define a normal match as a game less serious than a clanwar. A normal match is worth significantly less points than a clanwar. Consider this kind of game about as serious as a 2on2 or 3on3 for JDC.

§8: Game modes

§8.1 Only Capture the Flag is played on the CTF ladder.

§8.2 All other game modes can be played on the Multi ladder. Other game modes than those defined on the Multi ladder's rules page may be played, if the teams agree.


§9: So-called "fake nicks"

If the other team demands so, you have to play with your real nickname.

§10: Who may play

§10.1 Only players who are registered for their team on jazzjackrabbit.net may play in clanwars.

§10.1.1 The player has to be a registered member of the clan before the game starts.

§10.2 Because of the more spontaneous nature of normal matches, it is acceptable for a player to sign up after the match has been played.

§10.2.1 This applies only if the player is a known member of the clan (i.e.: he is listed in the clan§s official members list).

§10.2.2 The scores of the game might not be added until all players have signed up.


§11: Starting a game

§11.1 All players must be standing on their own team's base for a game to start. Use /ready-command to clarify that you are ready to start the game, which confirms that you are on base.

§11.2 No movement must remain on for the duration of the game, and it must be turned ON before the game starts. This is to ensure fairness at the event of a stop, where the game freezes at the point and no players can fall to a worse position.

§12: Stopping a game

§12.1 This section describes how to stop games. See specific rules to know if and when games may be stopped.

§12.2 Since the /stop function is no longer harmful in the latest JJ2+, players are allowed to stop the game using either /stop, /cstop or a custom !cstop-command such as the one in Camel Duels.

§12.2.1 To ensure the fairness, nomovement must be turned ON in every game at the start.

§13: Ending a game

§13.1 Make sure to gather proof of the game result. Admissible proof is constituted by a screenshot, playlog, chatlog or video recording. A screenshot is preferable, as that is what you can submit on the website without the help of an admin.

§13.1.1 In the case of a last-second score or one team hitting the round's scoring limit, /nomovement on may prevent the last score from being displayed, even if it has been counted by JJ2. In such cases, please do /nomovement off before taking the screenshot. This score will reflect the one in the playlog serverside which will be used to settle any disputes.

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