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Rules: Rules for normal matches

This section outlines JJNet's standard format for ladder matches. Deviations may be agreed upon, but please remember to save proof in such cases.

§1: The length and amount of rounds

§1.1 Each round is 10 minutes or to 10 points by default.

§1.1.1 Other round lengths and maxscores are possible if clans agree, down to 10 minutes and 10 points.

§1.1.2 The timelimits of the rounds have to amount to atleast 20 minutes (which is equal to the time consumed by two minimal rounds).

§2 The match must be 2on2 or bigger. The actual player amount is up to the clans to decide.

§3 In the standard case, in which two maps are played, both teams choose one map each before the game starts. The challenging team announces their map choice first by default, unless agreed otherwise.

$3.1 The challenged team has the right to choose the map order.

§4 Teams choose colour on their opponent's map.

§5: Evidence

§5.1 In order for a game to count, it must be possible to prove that the teams at some point agreed to submit it to the ladder. This means: save a chatlog or screenshot which can strengthen your claim. If there is a dispute, the match will be deleted unless there is sufficient proof of the agreement.

§6: Spectators

§6.1 No spectators are allowed, unless the clans agree otherwise. 

§6.1.1 JJNet admins or referees appointed by JJNet admins are however allowed to spectate a game, provided they can think of a good reason: e.g. cheating suspicion.

§6.1.2 JJNet reserves the right to record games.

§7: Time-outs

§7.1 The match must be paused whenever a player has technical issues. 

§7.1.2 The maximum total technical pause time is 10 minutes per map per team.

§7.2 Tactical time-outs are allowed (max 3 min and only once per map per clan).

§7.3 If one clan for some reason cannot continue the game, they have 10 minutes to find replacements. If they are unsuccessful in doing so, it is up to their opponents to decide whether they want to claim a forfeit win or not.

§7.3.1 The clan that still has a full team is within its full right to do so, but should keep in mind that it may be harmful for clan relations and not really worth it in what is supposed to be a friendly game.

§7: Cheating

§7.1 If a team suspects that the other team is using fakers, it is up to said team to make sure the host saves IPs.

§7.2 Any cheating or abusive behaviour during a match will result in a loss for the cheating team. The player found cheating is likely to be prevented from playing in a certain amount of future games.

§8: Submissions and forfeit losses

§8.1 Submitting a tie is allowed, provided that the score is indeed tied.

§8.2 It is possible to finish a round with too few players in the server (=1on2, 2on3, 1on3, ...), but not to start a round like that.

§8.3 It cannot be stressed enough: The choice remains completely with the team entitled a to a forfeit win. Clans are entitled to a forfeit win even if they are behind 39-0 when the other team runs out of players.

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