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I just wanted to say this topic was inspired by a ...
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15 Second Rush
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Nuclear Afterblast :whistling:
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Wicked Wood :flex:

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Go to2016-10-28LAN event in Slovenia Well we coulda at least done ctf!!! but you kept palying sille tests :'(
Go to2016-10-27LAN event in Slovenia haha yup emo and now you'd do anything to make me play but I am not interested anymore emo) times change!!
Go to2016-10-27LAN event in Slovenia I reported the bug on the JCF. If it's a vanilla JJ2 bug, I still reported it so they can try to remove it in the latest plus.

BTW, I posted this on Jazz2online.
Go to2016-10-26LAN event in Slovenia And tests! emo emo
Go to2016-10-26LAN event in Slovenia Serves you right!! I always had to force you to play treasure hunt with me emo emo
Go to2016-10-26LAN event in Slovenia I was just trying out the local play splitscreen and whenever i reach the button for treasure hunt I get an access violation. Anybody else got the same problem? This is with the new plus, I havent tried the non-plus version.
Go to2016-10-15LAN event in Slovenia Well as far as I know the only source is a facebook event, and jj2 is mentioned in the description and you can see our rabbit in the logo of the event.
I'll be picking levels for different gametypes, so I'll probably just pick 2, and stick to one original for old times sake, since people who will play the game will probably mainly remembers the original epic levels. The event is probably going to have all game modes, not sure about treasure hunt, but race is definitely in emo. And ya, supposedly we'll be using controllers, which I hope will function ok. Anyway I was just pleasantly surprised when I saw a friend of my attend the event (he's going to play mario kart) and seeing jazz on the logo.

Here's the event fb page https://www.facebook.com/events/1661597474154787/
Go to2016-10-15LAN event in Slovenia please provide some kind of source of this, sounds like fun 2meh (dw i wont come lol)
Go to2016-10-12LAN event in Slovenia It's nice to see that this game gets attention!
I hope you somehow convince them to get JJ2+ and some of our most popular levels.

Put this on Rabbitjournal (jazz2online).

I can't come but I would sure like to, of course.
Have fun participating!
Oh and try convincing people to start playing JJ2 while you're there! emo

Go to2016-10-10LAN event in Slovenia I'm not sure if PS controllers even work with JJ2. The controller support is bad.
Go to2016-10-10LAN event in Slovenia I should also note that while there will probably be a proper lan event in the evening, the actual event will be played splitscreen with Playstation controlersemo So it's not a super serious event, that being said, I'll still try and win to get GpW a perfect record on LAN 2/2 =P.

The event will be held on october the 29th at 14:00 in Idrija, Slovenia. I'm talking with the organizers with regards to the levelchoices and all of that. I guess it'll mainly be the old original epic levels, but at least for CTF I'll try and get them to use the jjnet version of DW, or maybe go for simple levels like GW or JE. I'm also not sure about the technical part of the tourney, since on camel duels all of the plus features like /start /stop etc work perfectly, whereas if they will be using PS controlers and splitscreen I guess it's really going to be back to the 90's. Anyway, I was pretty sure that nobody from here would actually attend, but that being said, it is pretty cool that somebody is actually organising a jj2 event emo
Go to2016-10-10LAN event in Slovenia You might want to add the date to it emo
Go to2016-10-10LAN event in Slovenia I will be probably pretty busy emo
Go to2016-10-10LAN event in Slovenia Sup duderinos, this post is probably meaningless for most of you, but I've just seen there's going to be a nostalgic old games event in Idrija, Slovenia that includes JJ2. I'm almost definitely going and will contact the organizers to see if they have plus and other new features. Anybody from the region feel like tagging along? I can only think of King being semi close enough tho emo

Awesome tho, I'm pretty sure that there's going to be more nostalgia events like this in the following years.
Go to2015-12-25Kenny back in GpW!! Our updated clan list is ready (Urbs must have been bored! emo

Merry Christmas, by the way! ^^
Go to2015-12-25Kenny back in GpW!! That actually sounds like fun!
Go to2015-12-24Kenny back in GpW!! yesssssssssss i wanna play new years clanwar lool
Go to2015-12-22Kenny back in GpW!! kk then CC vs CX clanwar. deadline 2015:12:31 22:00.
Go to2015-12-21Kenny back in GpW!! Yeeeees!

Now I wanna play Jj2 again!
Go to2015-12-17Kenny back in GpW!! Wanna CW ? emo emo
Go to2015-12-15Kenny back in GpW!! I thought this was a necrobump for a moment. lol
Go to2015-12-14Kenny back in GpW!! We'll start a fake team and beat them all the time and this will increase activity!
Go to2015-12-14Kenny back in GpW!! There's still a season going on? CTF seems dead emo
Go to2015-12-13Kenny back in GpW!! Urbs you are such a liar... he didn't even say that emo

GL winning the season on your own emo emo
Go to2015-12-13Kenny back in GpW!! DanZeal is still in [CDF] and says that he will not win this season all by himself!
Go to2015-12-13Kenny back in GpW!! And he says he wants to win this season!
Go to2013-05-05Jazz2Online
King wrote:
Toni wrote:
Now I have problem with J2O login. I saw that coobtard changed my nick to Obi Wan, but I can't log in now. Can someone tell me what's stijn's e-mail so I can contact him to change my nick back? Thanks.

Cool RDS is allowed to insult ,and yet if i wrote something like that, Liths spidey sense would have deleted it right away. I dont care whats the reason for this, rules should apply to everybody.

If you paid as much attention overall as you do to finding such posts and writing a generic "omgz i wonder how lith no find and delete because it no cx" reply, you would have noticed that I haven't logged in since the 2nd (I'm currently away). Such posts do not help you at all, in fact they make you look like a whiny kid. Grytolle and I always have the decency to answer you, I don't think that will be the case in the future.

Locked, all questions have been answered.

Go to2013-05-05Jazz2Online Update: site e-mails should be working again now.
Go to2013-05-05Jazz2Online Here it is: ik[AT]stijnpeeters[DOT]nl

Took me all of 10 seconds to find it, though to be fair I've emailed him before.
Go to2013-05-05Jazz2Online Yeah, and why then changing my name to a nick what is as old as a kid you're trying to be here. Put it like it was, why did you ever wanted to change it to Obi Wan?

King, go over it. I didn't insult CX. Sorry if you felt like that. I insulted, and I WILL insult cooba, as long as he keeps doing idiotic thigs like this.

Why the hell did he change my nick to that name (or possibly merged 2 accounts) if nobody asked him to do it. And why did he let the old name stay shown? And why did he do it, WHILE HE KNEW that script for retrieving passwords is broken, and I couldn't log in to that account (seems never again).

Answer on those question if you have balls. Don't act a smart guy on answers, please. Be a man once in your life.

I am sorry if there are offences, but I can't go over it anymore. He shows his real face, and shows what the whole community is talking about him behind his back

REST OF YOU: DO NOT REPLY IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IS STIJN'S EMAIL (or any other admin who can help me, excluding cooba, as he doesn't want to help) AND IF YOU DON'T HAVE SIMILAR PROBLEM. THANKS - I don't want any flamewar here.
Go to2013-05-04Jazz2Online
[GpW]Urbs wrote:
Uhm hey guys, anybody else been having troubles with j2o lately?

I'm sorry, it appears our e-mailer is extremely broken. Odd that you couldn't get a new account* to work either. I can't reset passwords manually, so I'm afraid this will have to wait still.

Vegito wrote:
I believe there was an update quite some time ago at J2O which wouldn't allow everyone to upload pictures. That rule was set only to prevent randomers from coming to J2O just for the pictures section. I believe by just being remotely active at J2O this should be (automatically? or ask an admin?) lifted..

This restriction has been removed some time ago (not sure how long exactly).

* - it is against J2O rules to have more than one account, and it is policy to merge them where appropiate
Go to2013-05-04Jazz2Online ;c
Go to2013-05-04Jazz2Online Why do it over the net then? I stopped saying any insults on the forum myself. (It was TF, missread)
Go to2013-05-04Jazz2Online King XD

Edit by Grytolle: don't insult king ;c
Go to2013-05-04Jazz2Online You seriously think every insult you ever write gets deleted - nevermind every insult by CXers in general? Please.

Besides, if cooba did change his nickname to Obi Wan for no reason, calling him a name is quite understandable.

Toni, go to #[TF] on Quakenet, I'd say.
Go to2013-05-04Jazz2Online I didnt check the time, I just randomly joined jjnet,alltho im 100% sure nothing woulda been done about it but "could have happened" is worth shit. But yeah my comment shoulda looked like this actually.

Toni i dont give a damn about the reason for posting that,nor do i care what you say in tc,skype (blabla) dont post insults in the threads atleast, unless you wanna cause yet another Cx vs RDS flamewar over bs...
Go to2013-05-04Jazz2Online Stop overreacting, it's only been three hours and probably no moderator has read his post yet. Btw, I didn't even notice the insult when reading his post. The brain doesn't always read the whole words when reading a text quickly, this is kinda cool emo
Go to2013-05-04Jazz2Online
Toni wrote:
Now I have problem with J2O login. I saw that coobtard changed my nick to Obi Wan, but I can't log in now. Can someone tell me what's stijn's e-mail so I can contact him to change my nick back? Thanks.

Cool RDS is allowed to insult ,and yet if i wrote something like that, Liths spidey sense would have deleted it right away. I dont care whats the reason for this, rules should apply to everybody.
Go to2013-05-04Jazz2Online Now I have problem with J2O login. I saw that cooba changed my nick to Obi Wan, but I can't log in now. Can someone tell me what's stijn's e-mail so I can contact him to change my nick back? Thanks.

Edit by Grytolle: Removed an insult because King is [a nice person]
Edit by Grytolle2: Removed my calling King a name
Go to2013-04-21Jazz2Online I was talking about another problem and a solution to your problem.
Go to2013-04-21Jazz2Online Nobody's playing new levels, and that's the problem. Nobody wants to waste time on a level that won't be accepted by community, even if it's good - lots of good levels by SJ, DS, PJ etc.
Go to2013-04-21Jazz2Online I also suspect that reviewers don't receive any 'points' when submitting a new review and also don't recieve any quality % when people think their review is good.
Fixing this could raise the amount of reviews and therefore perhaps also the amount of levels made.
Go to2013-04-20Jazz2Online I believe there was an update quite some time ago at J2O which wouldn't allow everyone to upload pictures. That rule was set only to prevent randomers from coming to J2O just for the pictures section. I believe by just being remotely active at J2O this should be (automatically? or ask an admin?) lifted..
Go to2013-04-20Jazz2Online There are always some problems with you Toni emo J2O works good for me but I remember I used to have some problems with adding pictures
Go to2013-04-19Jazz2Online I had problems with viewing photos as well. J2O crashed for me everytime I went to browse all pictures page.

And I got problem with JCF some years ago, and I did contact admins, but they weren't able/didn't want to help. I made a new account and was using it until cooba decided to report me as a 'double account user' even if I didn't log in with the first account for over 3 years. Stijn sent me PM on new account some weeks ago to change pw on an old account, and I didn't want to, because I wanted to keep using new account, and then ~10 days after I weren't able to log in to that account.
Go to2013-04-19Jazz2Online Uhm hey guys, anybody else been having troubles with j2o lately?

I tried to get my pass back like 20 times, then decided to make a new account and got no email for that as well. Also some people been having problems with posting photos.

Not criticising btw, it's more of a plea for helpemo

Go to2013-02-25Raidcall - better than TS and Skype ^
Go to2013-02-25Raidcall - better than TS and Skype Tinychat could be a reasonable alternative too. Apparently you dont need to download any PC app or even register an account to use, and it supports microphone and/or webcam for voice and video chat. Like Skype, it has some integration with Facebook. I havent fully tried it in terms of speed but just saying it could be functional.
Go to2012-04-03Raidcall - better than TS and Skype dzienki za info
Go to2012-04-03Raidcall - better than TS and Skype I Like more TeamSpeak.
Go to2012-04-03Raidcall - better than TS and Skype Hey, I remember there being a discussion a while back about DZ making a jj2 TS server.
Back then i mentioned that there is a proggie called raidcall which works on similar principles as TS, with a bit of skype mixed in (you have friends, and you have "chatrooms").

It looked really neat, the interface was way more modern than TS and less tacky than Skype, but I was unsure of how it handled the voicechatting since I had no one to talk to.

I tried it out with kenny today while playing LoL and we were both very pleasantly surprised. Kenny created his own "group" (basically a chatroom, where you can type or voicechat or do both), each account can have one such free group (I also made one for GpW).
The program does its main function great, its default settings are very loud, so you can hear people with bad microphones as well (and ofc you can always put the volume down if you have the opposite problem).

The cool thing for me was, that this proggie uses less memory than skype, the voice seemed to work even better (at least with me and kenny, I havent tested how the thing performs with more people at once, but since it's made for gamers it should work).

As opposed to TS, raidcall is far better in the sense that no server is needed. Sure you can find free TS servers, but with raidcall there is no hassle, every account can have one free group, so every clan can have its own group. And from what I gather the owner of the group doesn't have to be there for the channel to work (for others).


We're definitely gonna be using itemo
Go to2012-01-17Cheating is infectious
The closing tag goes after the text emo
Go to2012-01-16Cheating is infectious hehehehe
Go to2012-01-16Cheating is infectious Jj admins rock! gj guys, keep it up emo
Go to2012-01-16Cheating is infectious The closing tag goes after the text emo
Go to2012-01-16Cheating is infectious [b][/b][i][/i][u][/u][code][/code]
Go to2012-01-16Cheating is infectious *used to play that before* READ!

Btw just wanted to show that jj2 admins arent as shitty as some people might think xP.

Also im rather sure that Cs is not the only game in which u can recieve an easy ban
Go to2012-01-16Cheating is infectious Don't play CS. It's retarted... And the most of players there are trolls...
I still don't understand what's interesting in shooters like CS or Quake.
Go to2012-01-16Cheating is infectious Hmm guess i should state it out.

I dont think anybody is realizing how tolerative admins here are. If im correct the biggest problem was banning slayer for a year(but he was unbanned before the full year).This is not some accusing, there are more ppl who cheat,are cought but are no serious actions taken. Try playing something like Cs(used to play that before) or some shitty games like those. You will often get a PERMANENT BAN just for makin few headshots in a row, or if u crouch somewhere and make just 1 camp kill. You wouldnt even get a chance to say something against it. Happened so in cs to me many times....
Go to2012-01-16Cheating is infectious ahahahaha gj
Go to2012-01-16Cheating is infectious Sorry I was browsing into history and found this:
' OK, I was planning to make a LONG reply to this thread, but all those annoying messages on MSN drive me crazy. That's why I simply hereby decide to declare JJ2WC2 as an unfair tournament and all the trophies are from now on worthless. See you all again during JJ2WC III, which will have a very accurate IP detection and matching system. Any clan caught cheating then will be BANNED INSTANTLY.'

Nice prophecy of ChippieBW as RA got banned after the second JJ2WC3.
Go to2012-01-15Cheating is infectious CDF points next to the non-cheaters green line. emo
Go to2012-01-15Cheating is infectious I always had trouble ending short stories in ways that would satisfy a general public. In real life, as during a rerun following a timequake, people don’t change, don’t learn anything from their mistakes, and don’t apologize.

Kurt Vonnegut

Go to2012-01-12YUGO pwn When I saw the title I thought you're talking about the car Yugo, and Yugo and pwn do not really go together emo

Hehe the video is interesting emo

Yugoslavia pwn!
Go to2012-01-12YUGO pwn Urbs ur boring.

Dedication to urbs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD8tHh9-nbw
Go to2012-01-12YUGO pwn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfJiNPZ38kY
Yugoslavian space programme based on the ideas of a Slovenian early 20th century visionary Herman Potočnik Noordung.
Not sure bout the programme, but the dude was trippin yo!

The link above is a sneak preview of a documentary being made ATM.
Go to2011-12-25Cheating is infectious lol emo
Go to2011-12-25Cheating is infectious ahahaha
Go to2011-12-25Cheating is infectious Hmm, and the scale of cheaters (the Y on the first graph) is measured with CDF... Hmmm...

Go to2011-12-25Cheating is infectious http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/arxiv/27441/?p1=blogs

Be careful who you hang around withemo
Go to2011-09-20Slayer in [GpW] We don't use the delete-function for silencing people for no apparent reason. Urbs didn't break any rules in his post.

There is also no rule about posting about someone else, especially when the post contained no incriminating info.

The correct action was closing the thread, which is what I've dnoe now.

(Welcome to SR, GpW!)
Go to2011-09-20Slayer in [GpW] In before the flames.

(So, have fun and good luck)
Go to2011-09-20Slayer in [GpW] Welcome!

Go to2011-07-03Stops during ladders ya something like that could work i suppose.
I mean, the problem for you admins is probably coming up with rules that are effective yet simple, and I think yours goes in that direction.
Ofc we already have a rule against that, its just not as explicit, because as I'm sure you know, there is a rule against doing stuff deemed inappropriate by the community. A larger amount of stops would definitely be it. And I'm not pointing that out to say that we don't need any other rules, but a gentlemanly code of conduct does help in a game where a lot is based on behavior as the rules are a bit lax due to Epic not being a big part of the community.
Thats why poor gry has to wrok his ass of fighting vs operational and fictional radars.

Poor gryemo emo
It's a good thing he is so cool emo emo emo emo
Go to2011-07-03Stops during ladders 5 stops, otherwise a replacement is needed or walk-over?
Go to2011-07-03Stops during ladders There could be a rule that would say: You can make N stops during a 20 minute ladder without getting minus points, otherwise type stop b4 typing /stop.
Go to2011-07-03Stops during ladders so make a good suggestion then, iustyn :p
Go to2011-07-03Stops during ladders we all know this but no1 from jj2 stuff makes any changes
Go to2011-07-02Stops during ladders agreed with treya
Go to2011-05-29Champions league final ya except not...

I won't start flaming cuz u seem cool, but you only get an infinite amount of free passes!!!!

Hmms I have a feeling something is wrong in the last sentence.
Go to2011-05-29Champions league final I watched the game with my dad (waste of time bec i don`t like football).This final reminded me of jj2wc final when CC pwned GPW in marsh. CC=Barcelona and GPW = the nubs from Manchester United emo!
Go to2011-05-28Champions league final Completely deserved to win. GG barca.

I won't speak ill of them ever again. They are now as close to a dynasty as you can be in modern football.
Up there with Grande Milan in the 80's and 90's and up there with Real Madrid of the 50's and 60's.
Well done boys!

And staying true to their game!
Go to2011-05-27Champions league final Well I started disliking barca last year, cuz of the plain barca bias of the local tv reporter and cuz of all the annoying fans that seemed to have sprung up from nowhere.

But after they got beaten by that cynical tactical mastermind, Mourinho, I'm sort of happy they handed him a proper trashing this year. They trully are a team.

And the same goes for Man U. Sure they don't sparkle, but they're a team just the same. I love the mentality of both clubs, and I adore players from both sides. I mean, Ryan Giggs, Xavi, Iniesta, Scholes, Vidič, Messi...

And I'm a Milan fan btw.

Whichever side wins is fine with me. However I am getting a bit BArca biased lately, beacuse as new fans have sprung up suporting this trully great team, so too we can see a rapid increase in the number of Barca-haters which is understandable, but is also fabricated.

Let me explain. The reason I used to dislike Barca was mainly due to the positive press they got. But it's not the players and the teams fault they got positive press! They really do rock.
And man United, well, they're a strightforward team, from a straightforward nation. No antics, no flash, but they get the job done.

I can relate to both philosophies, beacuse in both the love of football is embodied.
And although I do not dislike Real or its players, I do dislike their manager, who is undoubtedly great at what he does, yet he does not abide by this simple principle:
Every week you either win or lose, what counts is that you win or lose like a man.
Go to2011-05-27Champions league final Man Utd for the win emo
Go to2011-05-27Champions league final I don't care if United or Barça wins here, I just hope for a good match. I supported both Man and Barça in their matches so now I am neutral emo
Go to2011-05-26Champions league final Finland will win, what competition is this?
Go to2011-05-26Champions league final United will win in Van der Sar's last match.
Barcelona lost my sympathy. In the past they passed the ball with quick pace to make goals, but now they pass it around just for the sake of passing around and they win matches by luck and deception.
Go to2011-05-26Champions league final Who do you think will win? Who do you support?
Go to2011-05-13Stops during ladders Ha, I don't get the point of stopping just for asking why someone didn't die. Yes I sometimes say unhittable, but stopping the game for just saying it is ridiculous. Shit like this happens. Stopping the game probably won't make a difference to making someone anymore hittable. Sometimes it can be the own player's connections fault too, I know this because sometimes when I get unhittable others tend to more likely be for me too. Legit reasons for stopping would probably be toilet breaks and phonecalls (there's probably more legit reasons but that's all I can think of for now).
Go to2011-05-13Stops during ladders ya fair point Jake. Still the problem with "returning to the state of affairs before the stop" can be complicated if the game is very heated...
Go to2011-05-13Stops during ladders I agree with both.
Go to2011-05-13Stops during ladders I think that a stop could be used without warning, if for a proper reason. But, if the stop causes a major gameplay problem (for example, flagcarrier falls down from the carrot in distopia with 1h to next to two f's with seeks and rf's) then it should be returned to the state it was before the stop (flagcarrier goes up to the c).
But, for those WTF WHY YOU DON'T DIE should be punished...

Tactics and such are of course permitted.
Go to2011-05-13Stops during ladders Stops in game can be pretty annoying, yet there can be no arguing about the fact that they are necessary.

So what to do?

Stops of the category: WTF why don't you die!?!? should in my opinion be punished (-1 point).

Other stops should be allowed and tolerated as long as the team who wishes to stop the game asks before making the stop (whereby I would say just saying stop in public chat and then stoping the game would not constitute any breach of conduct because at least there was fair warning and lets face it sometimes abrupt stops do happen for various reasons).

What's your take on all of this?

Should the ladder have an explicit rule on this subject or are things ok as they are now?