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     JJ2WC 3? | [q] 2011-01-26 19:46
JJnet user

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What is your opinion on this edition of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 World Championship? Did you like the players,the clans participating,who would you have wanted to win...? Discuss here.

We rode on the winds of the rising storm,
We ran to the sounds of the thunder.
We danced among the lightning bolts,
and tore the world asunder.

JJnet admin
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#1 | [q]2011-01-27 12:05
It was awesome. All clans showed up for the games, GpW was impressive and RL added some drama
JJnet user
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#2 | [q]2011-01-27 14:08
JJnet user
Posts: 376
#3 | [q]2011-01-30 15:45
We had lots of fun.

From the point of view of organization and the professionality of clans, by far the best JJ2WC so far.
JJ2TV made it possible for live results and although the stream was far from perfect I'm sure people enjoyed watching.
I had lotsa funemo
The top 4 clans (I'm including RL here) were a bit better then the rest. Basically JJ2WC showed a two-tiered composition of the JJ2 clan scene. The top 4(3) and then the others. VS has potential for more, but ATM their teamplay is way off, compared to t3, CC or GpW "alpha's". If captain keeps going the way it has, it might well be the next "superpower" in a year or two. I just love NF and their determination and grit, but they didn't play enough together and ofc that shows. Plus today it isn't enough to just be R with NA, or even with FA. You need to seriously think about where to camp and how to disuade an enemy from going S3 at the right time and managing a score. Preferably you need to get the enemy down to less then 3 cuz otherwise no amount of R willl help you stave of a score. The CDF and NF games were epic, did any1 record them? I'd love to watche them actually. they're prolly still on jj2tv right? We also saw yasco return for that encounter, remember? But enig showed us who's nr 1 in Belgium!

The t3 Rl game really showed t3's potential. I didn't see them playing as good before or since. Mind you RL was almost surely cheating in that one, as opposed to the GpW game. Cuz although people think we played well vs RL, I'm conviced we could have done WAY better. There was no need to drop round 1 for example.
JJnet user
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#4 | [q]2011-01-30 15:50
Still, in spite of the scores I'm sure even the matches between, say GpW and CDF or CC and NF, were far closer then the scores would suggest. I mean, look, it's not like NF or CDF don't know how to play the game, right? We all know how to play the game, thats what makes the whole thing interesting. It's about being smart, and some extra talent helps as well. For example the NA round with NF, they actually took the lead, only after they were broken down had the onslaught began. But in reality, looking at the players individually, the difference in quality is not such, as that would merit so large a score differential.
JJnet user
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#5 | [q]2011-01-30 17:17
You said about Enigma? Nah Man, SlaiDer Saved \NF/ at CW