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     Suggestions for making JJ.net even better! | [q]2011-02-06 14:35
JJnet user

Posts: 295
I'm not sure either to put this in clan talk or JJ2 related...this forum needs more catagories. A suggestion and help forum would be nice for a start, you know?

Most important suggestions: A clan quality system. Something like the player quality system in JDC. This would reduce free points. Of course, this system would mean other clans could possibly get more points from a win- if they win against a better clan. So this current point system would have to change a bit in order for this to work.

Play 7 ladders max per week. I think it's pretty fair, and besides there are rather busy players who have a job/family out there, they won't have the chance to play ladders so much.

A mappool for dom and battle...please. I would like trainings to be more diverse, not just nonstop CTF. A contest might be nice if you want to try and get quality maps for it. (I am not a fan of the default battle maps tbh. And dom maps are seriously lacking, or perhaps not well known).

You can not request the same cw against the same clan 3 times at once. Enough said...

Suggestions I'd kind of like to exist; Have a ladder for Team LRS (I rox at LRS!). TLRS can apply to the battle mappool too, if there's ever going to be. And jailbreak too, although I think jailbreak should at least be a 3v3. The more for jailbreak, the better. A jb mappool might be nice too. DCTF might be nice and could apply to ctf mappool as well.

Expand the CTF mappool sometime. Three or four more maps would be nice. Of course, clans would get to decide.

Good ideas but not really essential: Have separate catagories for different team gamemodes, like dom and battle. These will still add to your overall score though, but it will show these clans overall quality, and stats in separate gamemodes. It could even show how many points you've obtained from each of these.

Have the option to show your rabbit avatar instead of your "photo". You can choose one or the other. It's not really important though.

Different layout options. Maybe we could have a chance to use the old one again, and perhaps some new ones too.

Discuss your other suggestions or what you think of mine.

[19:55:50] VLAD8: YOU BITCH

It's been almost 3 years and JJ.net STILL hasn't fixed the freaking cookies. No wonder hardly anyone posts here anymore.
JJnet user
Posts: 45
#1 | [q]2011-02-06 16:10
These ideas are.... Good!
JJnet user
Posts: 129
#2 | [q]2011-02-07 19:03
Looking good, but im not sure admins will bother this unless a lot more people will agree. Try to make this topic more known. emo

"It is amazing what can be accomplished when nobody cares about who gets the credit.” ~Robert Yates
JJnet user
Posts: 1758
#3 | [q]2011-02-08 20:23
I think these ideas are nice. Good job!

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