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     Discuss: The current clansystem does not work anymore | [q] 2011-03-18 17:17
JJnet user

Posts: 140
First, I want the Moderators to ask to delete all posts containing spam and insults; both are not what you want in a discussion.
Granted. This thread is now under protection of the True Empire and the True Cake. ~Lithium
Here is my proposal for the next Season.

The current clanbase has a few major issues... and that is that next season will not end any different from this one regardless of scoring formula - only changing that will not help. CC is just too good for that. CC wins again, VS and GpW will fight for second an third place, but VS will likely come out on top again. NF and CDF will fight for forth and fifth place but NF will take the forth sooner or later. And Cpt. will be sixth again. The rest will follow. Is that what we want?

Therefore, I think the entire Ladder system needs an overhaul. The problem is not solvable with simple changes, and disbanding the clans would only result in the same clans restarting under a different name, and old clans like CC and GpW surely don't like that.

So, if we want to keep clans, it should be an individual system. Considering players greatly differ in their way of playing and their abilities, this ladder should be devided into several seperate brackets:

2vs2 - 3vs3 - 4vs4 - 5vs5, anything bigger - Combined

These are devided in: Kills / Killed (devided through amount of matches played) / Team Scores/Opposite Team scores (devided through amount of matches played)
As you see, this is individual noted. After a set time has passed, awards are given and we start over

So someone can get an award like 2vs2, Killed least often and another for 3vs3, Most Kills...
So there are twenty awards with this system, which likely scatter among a certain group of players.

Each bracket should have its own mappool.

A few rules should be made to prevent abuse (beating clanmembers/friends who are idling for example)... Therefore, spectators should be allowed but that isn't enough to solve it.

This definately has its downsides... main one is that this puts clans almost out of commission and another is that people will try to abuse it.

Clans can keep existing however, mainly for the World Cup, but their role diminishes greatly.

So discuss: I just spewed something around where we can discuss about emo

JJnet user
Posts: 200
#26 | [q]2011-05-22 17:14
That might be true but I don`t think that dividing clans is a solution bec,for example, I like playing games with certain CCers more than with others.I think we could create a separate ladder for 2v2/3v3 teams and in this way we`ll have more than 20 mini clans emo. Something similar to a 2v2/3v3 tournament.
JJnet user
Posts: 140
#27 | [q]2011-05-22 17:18
Well, in that case the idea comes closer to what I suggested in the first post here ^^.

Clans just keep existing for the world cup/training but don't have any other function anymore in the ladder.

JJnet user
Posts: 200
#28 | [q]2011-05-22 17:26
Yeah,it`s a good idea ,I once participated at a 2v2 tournament and it was fun! (GIRLPOWER! ) However,I think that the clan ladder should be kept.Let`s just see what others think about this.
JJnet user
Posts: 397
#29 | [q]2011-05-22 17:29
Non clan related 2v2 or 3v3 teams will result in people switching team very often, degrading the honour when winning the competition.

JJnet user
Posts: 200
#30 | [q]2011-05-22 17:34
Hmmm,possibly,but if we create some rules to prevent that and some punishments,maybe it won`t happen. For example,the teams will be created at the beginning of the season and they can`t be changed until the end. A 2v2/3v3 team can have 2 or 3 back ups if some player can`t play etc.I think this 2v2/3v3 ladder system could work.
JJnet user
Posts: 140
#31 | [q]2011-05-22 19:55
MS: If scores are noted individually, that wouldn't even matter.
Both players just get the scores their team made on their own rank ^^ .

So if I want to play with Kenny one ladder and an hour later with Laro and another hour later we play against eachother, that would be posssible. All scores would be noted individually.

Abuse could be punished offcourse.

JJnet user
Posts: 276
#32 | [q]2011-05-23 14:17
these guys should be punished for making admins read too much emo
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