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     The New CW Points Calculator | [q] 2012-04-17 12:45
JJnet user

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For the upcoming season a friend of mine and I developed a new formula for the CW Points Calculator. Also, thank you SE for some inspiration.

Based on the point difference between the two clans facing each other you can win or lose up to 40 points for winning or losing the CW. Additionally, you can win or lose up to 5 bonus points for the score difference by which you beat or lost to the other clan in the CW. So in total, you can win or lose 45 points maximum by playing a clan war.

I do not want to bore you with the mathematical specifics of why the formula looks the way it does but you should at least know what the formula is supposed to account for:

1) Clans with fewer points are encouraged to challenge those that have more points. However, the other way around can also be very rewarding in case the point gap is not too big.

2) Few points will be distributed in case the clans facing each other are at a low level of points. Many points will be distributed if the fighting clans are at a high level of points. The stakes are higher for the clans with the most points so to speak.

This formula should work better compared to the previous one in terms of encouraging clans to play CWs in general, leaving less room for abuse and making it realistically more rewarding for highest-ranked clans to beat the 4th, 5th, 6th etc. The last aspect is due to the fact that the system relies on point difference now, so it does not make sense anymore to hold back in ranks especially near the end of the season.

Just test the beta version and you will see how it works! (Use numbers that make sense.)

We only cared about the actual algorithm so it does look a bit confusing at first glance. Here are some examples to explain what the fields mean: (here, max score 40)

Scenario 1) team A has 160 points, team B 190 points and the win score is 16, the lose score 7
in case team A wins, A gets +38, B -19
in case team B wins, A gets -10, B +19

Scenario 2) team A 140, B 90, win score 35, lose score 10
in case team A wins, A +10, B -6
in case team B wins, A -22, B +42

Scenario 3) team A 40, team B 15, win score 1, lose score 0
in case team A wins, A +1, B 0
in case team B wins, A -6, B +13

For clarification:

WP = Points of winning clan
LP = Points of losing clan
WS = Score of winning clan
LS = Score of losing clan

If you noticed any scenario in which the formula fails completely, please notify me. Thank you.

(This post has been helpful to 2 of the forumers.)
JJnet user
Posts: 377
#1 | [q]2012-04-17 21:31
wow bynny posted on jjnet!!!
Great idea, now the reward for the top clan should be bigger right? Cuz atm the 1st clan had no incentive to do cw's. We got like 3 points for beating VS I think. And CC got 4 or sth when they beat us two(?) seasons ago.

Well job
JJnet user
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#2 | [q]2012-04-17 21:42
Yes Urbs, scenario 1) could be an example for a CW at the near end of the pre play-off season between 1st and 2nd or 1st and 3rd, and this time around the 1st gets rewarding 19 points if they win and only -19 if they lose.