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Do you have time to make a clanwar with your clan
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2 (100%)

No, we want more training
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No, other does not want.
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     Max 10 ladders in 1 clan per 1 days. | [q] 2012-05-14 19:40
JJnet user

Posts: 72
Hello! I Seeing ib always laddering/clan war where we not have time to do a ladder.

That all!
Max 10 ladders in 1 clan per 1 days. emo

Fucked the signature.
JJnet user
Posts: 373
#1 | [q]2012-05-14 19:51
your funny,i like you xD
JJnet user
Posts: 140
#2 | [q]2012-05-14 19:56
Well, they're addicted, that's all.
JJnet user
Posts: 1758
#3 | [q]2012-05-14 20:00
Kids, don't do Skooma!

Are you trying to say we can't ladder because IB ladders all day? It's true IB rushes ladders, but I don't see how would that prevent you from doing the same emo
If you're talking about ZDs being full, well, that's another problem. Just wait a bit, there will always be a free ZD.

Also, limiting clans to 10 ladders per day won't help much, not even IB plays that much. Make it 3 or 5, then it should do.

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JJnet admin
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#4 | [q]2012-05-14 20:47
I've given the subject quite a bit of thought in the past:

x ladders per clan per season - that would make it fair in terms of how many games are played per clan, but if you set the limit to a reasonable level, scarcity will make people care a great deal about losing, and we would end up with very few or no ladders being played. You can counter that by putting a limit of 300 ladders per season or something, but then the rule won't have any effect at all.

x ladders per clan per day - this would have very little effect in preventing clans from expanding a lead by spamming ladder matches, because only the most active clans will be able to play one ladder every day. Like JDC, where you pretty much can't win without playing one small event per day.

x ladders per clan per week - could probably work, but all solutions have the disadvantage of prohibiting clans from playing what they want to play... on the other, that's not an unbreakable principle, considering the workings of other rules (limits on gamemode, timelimit, maxscore, ...)