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     Thread where wKtK posts vids of ppl deserving a ban because he is bored. | [q]2012-08-02 17:16
JJnet user

Posts: 707
Sorry if this is the wrong place/forum.

Hey all, here is my very own series of JJ2 video's. Because some people said they get sick of all the nubs using coolhax-like programs to cheat in ZR, ZD or often ZA, I decided to record it whenever I come across it.

The Admins of 'jj.net associated servers' are often not online when you need them. The arguments against more admins are mostly "DZ owns and pays for the servers, he should appoint admins". I agree. Thats why I am not going to whine for more admins, but make the task of the current admins easier.

I See You Hack (ICUHAX) will be a playlist of vids on youtube, of nubs cheating in ZR/ZA/ZD.
The time and server will be given, so admins can do their job.

-Other people, please post links to your own recordings here, so we can make the Zeals and Steels cheat-free without needing more admins.
-Admins, please look through these video's and do what you think is right.

My own vids:
[ICUHAX] #001 UHSonic guy in ZR, happily haxing away. ~16:00 2-aug-2012

Nostalgia warning, well, at least if you're one of those ppl...
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