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     New settings and more. | [q] 2012-08-18 19:57
JJnet user

Posts: 707
Posting this in site suggestions, because I implemented some suggestions of others and didn't see a better place.

Here is a post to notify you of some of the less visible changes I made. I hope they prove useful:

Your [url=http://jazzjackrabbit.net/index.php?league=1&season=1&op=profile]Profile[/url] page now contains a setting to disable the popups on ladders, and go back to viewing sceenshots on full size. (As promised, hordy emo)

Your [url=http://jazzjackrabbit.net/index.php?league=1&season=1&&op=forumz&watte=usercp]forum control panel[/url] got a new setting under other to hide smileys, or BBCode in general.

The GIP on the frontpage now ignores servers with an empty name. Both the GIP and the ZStats widget are html-escaped for safety.

In case you hadn't noticed, you can now add a source to your quotes! use
username wrote:
(with the quotes). The [q]-button also works when you already typed text, and inserts it at the caret (text-cursor) position.

Clanlist has been cleaned up, with clans that do not ladder set to inactive and hidden from the list. (Click [url=http://jazzjackrabbit.net/index.php?league=1&season=1&op=clans]teams[/url] to see them)

If your clan was made inactive, and DOES play ladders:
My apologies, leave a message here and I'll restore it ASAP.

[url=http://wekateka.com/childhood]Nostalgia warning, well, at least if you're one of those ppl...[/url]
JJnet user
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#51 | [q]2012-09-03 16:34
i didnt say it doesent work when i relog but its annoying that i have to log on 2 times to do it as i have an incredibly slow internet

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JJnet user
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#52 | [q]2012-09-04 03:17
Yo hey guys why are we all dumping our problems into this thread, it isn't exactly a "General Suggestions" thread.

(admins we should have one of those)

*insert inane collection of quotes here*
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