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     NT Final Rounds | [q]2012-09-09 09:59
JJnet user

Posts: 389
Everyone is getting only buisier and buisier which is why I always wanted to stick to the deadlines and play everything as early as possible.
I suggest we try to finish this within a week. The deadline will be a bit later, but that doesnt stop you for scheduling your matches earlier.
First of all, all teams have until Monday 23:59 CEST to pick a map. You can pick a map from the entire NT mappool, not to be confused with the jj.net mappool. (YES IT IS* NOT JJ.NET MAPPOOL + NEW MAPS!)

Matches have to be scheduled before Thursday the 13th of September 23:59.

Matches have to be played before Friday the 21st of September 23:59.

I dont have to remind you that I will take actions when teams are unable to act before a deadline.

Final for 7th place:

Germany-Europe ( Bbswing, Wicked Wood*)

Final for 5th place:

Poland-Egypt (Semi, Gauntlet**)

Final for 3rd place:

Serbia-Finland (Gauntlet* ,Bbswing)

Final for 1st place:

Netherlands-Romania (GW, Semi)

*: Picked by MS
**: Changed from JE with the permission of the Polish team. //Grytolle


Edit: This means that levels can still be changed, as long as the opposing team agrees. That also applies to teams who had their map picked for them by a tournament official (MS).

JJnet admin
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#51 | [q]2012-09-14 09:30
Kyro wrote:
EGY-POL 19th 18:00

Poland confirm please!

The other matches will be scheduled by Sven really soon if you don't hurry up. (The deadline was yesterday, and I'm guessing he's gonna do the scheduling as soon as he's back from school or wakes up):
JJnet user
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#52 | [q]2012-09-14 10:49
I'm confirming this date.
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