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     Scheduling Seasons and Offseasons | [q] 2013-01-25 22:17
JJnet user

Posts: 35
Here is just another suggestion to help improve JJ2 ladder. What if each season had a prearranged schedule?

Such as, the season lasts from April until September. Then, October, November, December, January, February and March have no ladder.

I think this would help alleviate the pressures of creating a playing schedule at the end of the year. Personally, I knew that I wouldn't be able to play on the active roster of -t3> for such a long time. I told my teammates that I will be unable to play about this time, and so, that is why I left -t3>.

I have noticed how many players were mentally stressed or physically stressed from ladder competition. That is why I will outline my suggestion.

January: Offseason
February: Offseason
March: Offseason
April: Preseason
May: Season
June: Season
July: Season
August: Postseason
September: Postseason
October: Offseason
November: Offseason
December: Offseason

JJnet user
Posts: 707
#1 | [q]2013-01-26 01:44
First of all: Where the hell is August in that list emo

This idea has some potential, however some stuff seems a bit unclear.

Will 1 season last 4 months, or will multiple seasons be played after each other?

Going by the trend, 200 points will be reached well before a 4 month period ends, so are you planning to increase the point limit?
Also, you said a lot of ppl are busy at the end of the year, but isn't the end of this period in the summer holidays? People will be on vacation, right?

How will you keep 4 months (5 if august is included) of ladders from getting boring? And will there still be playoffs like now?

Just some questions ppl might ask emo

Nostalgia warning, well, at least if you're one of those ppl...
JJnet user
Posts: 264
#2 | [q]2013-01-26 01:58
actually i would like if seasons went with timelimit not scorelimit
JJnet user
Posts: 398
#3 | [q]2013-01-26 10:02

Imo every month before the season is pre season, aswell as every month after the season is post season, actually all months with no season are both pre and post season.
(This post has been helpful to 1 of the forumers.)

Posts: 126
#4 | [q]2013-01-26 14:21
wKtK wrote:
How will you keep 4 months (5 if august is included) of ladders from getting boring?

The same way that they're kept from getting boring currently!

This post is a puzzle game, and the rule of the game is that if you ask what I mean, you lose.

JJnet user
Posts: 35
#5 | [q]2013-01-27 03:10
I accidentally forgot about August. My general goal was to promote the idea of establishing a lengthier offseason between seasons. And to promote the idea of having only one playing season per year.

JJnet user
Posts: 35
#6 | [q]2013-01-27 22:16
I edited my post to reflect correct months.

Well, my schedule suggestion indicates a 6 month season. The preseason allows interclub matches to be uploaded or broadcast as media content. The purpose of the preseason is to create awareness the season will start soon, improve the quality of play and help players and teams make roster decisions.

Of the point limit, well, I think we should start with round robin format. Round robin format means the season itself is for every team to play every other team. So during a 3 month regular season, each team has the opportunity to play all other clubs in the league. Completion of round robin would be necessary to qualify for playoffs if there is a playoffs.

Playoff brackets could be devised as such. The highest point total at the end of the regular season is top seed and so on. The only designation for playoff qualification is playing every other team in the league. And teams cannot join the league during preseason, season or postseason.

My thought was that summer is typically the best time for a JJ2 season because summer break gives students time for playing. But maybe the overall preference is another time of year. But I definitely think we should try to have only one season per year. And at this stage, every year seemingly gives me more winter tasks, so concntrating on JJ2 is usually not an option then. Here is another suggestion to accomodate for summer break.

January. Offseason.
February. Preseason.
March. Season.
April. Season.
May. Season.
June. Postseason.
July. Offseason.
August. Offseason.
September. Offseason.
October. Offseason.
November. Offseason.
December. Offseason.