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     Clanspam | [q] 2013-07-06 18:16
JJnet user

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Hey fellow jj2 players, I have a suggestion for the rules system of the ladder system and/or the site. Go to the homepage. Now look at the right of this site. WOW. That's a lot of clans, isn't it? Is jj2 still that popular? I wish it was, but the hard reality is that randomers create clans at, well, random and then proceed to leave it, or sit around and do nothing. In the past I have already purged the list of those clans once, but in no time it was filled with junk again. I think we can solve this, and would like your input for it.

I have some ideas how it can be prevented, feel free to post your own ideas or discuss.

Idea 1 - Require activity
Members need to be registered at least 1/3/6/whatever months to make a clan, or maybe have >some number of posts. Clans that are without people for longer than a week will be made inactive automagically.

Idea 2 - Require approval
My favored idea, we start another board on the forums and require each clan or wannabe clan to make a thread there, explaining who will be in the clan, who the leader is, how they intend to ladder, etc. The jj.net admins/mods/etc can vote/discuss whether to approve the clan. After approval, the thread can be used for requiting, public announcements, planning CW, etc.

I like the last method because there are hardly any borderline cases, it's either a laddering professional clan (CX, CC, CDF, etc.) or crap like all those smiley clans (except 8D but it's dead) or funny words/tagspam.

Well, gimme your thoughts on this!

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#1 | [q]2013-07-06 18:31
I approve of both ideas, though the first idea requires less work (for the ladder admins, that is, not for you the nub webmaster dog ;p)

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#2 | [q]2013-07-06 22:05
Yes to both of those ideas.

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