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     Zeal Servers successors. | [q] 2013-07-09 22:13
JJnet user

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We were so happy when we used to join on Zeal official servers and now they are dead and makes us so sad. But thats not the end of JJ2, its the new age! We need more players so invite as possible more players and this game would become more popular.
So here are list for servers to check out.

Camel Servers - By Kyro
Zael Relaxer - By ShakerNL
Jazz 2 Galaxy - By TerraMan (Coming soon, http://thealextov.0zed.com/galaxy) Anyway, you will go on a page of my website now.

Post if you are planning 24/7 servers.

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JJnet user
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#1 | [q]2013-07-10 09:29
I Sucked creating the Mini website, frame problems. So it would be on my site as page.

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JJnet user
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#2 | [q]2013-07-10 15:59
At first if u wanna more players u need to be nice and polite and don't insult them like some peoples doing.
more contests in jj2.net would be fine too. BTW u can ask Aleyasz or Jaguar about Real Duels.
JJnet user
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#3 | [q]2013-07-11 14:59
Ok, I will try to be nice (not badly nice) and be polite.
Donations are open now for Jazz 2 Galaxy.

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