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     Serenity of the Jackrabbits.exe | [q] 2015-03-04 19:56
Calm Splatavatar
JJnet user

Posts: 63
I have updated my hacked JJ2. I haven't really posted any detailed information about this project since I started it January 2014. If you look for a thread here you will just find stupid post about ++ but I did eventually make a name for this project, it is now called Serenity of the Jackrabbits.

Anyway this seems like blabber, so let me tell you the point of the project! It's basically a custom modded JJ2.exe. It started as an edit of Jazz2+ TSF.exe (something like that) and still is basically that. I can just give a brief description of the changes.

- Custom loading screen for the application
- Custom icon for application in file folder
- Edited sound effects/music dialogue window
- Access Violations replaced with a more normal error message

I'm not sure if there are actually anymore tangible changes but as for intangible changes, file size and filename are changed as well.

Anyway I'm posting this from a computer at Apple hardware store. So before I log off here is a link to the .exe file: this STILL hasn't been tested outside of my PC, so feel free to test if you like. Hopefully I'll actually get a chance to test it on another computer in the near future xD.


Oh by the way, you also already need to have working JJ2. I just have this .exe in my JJ2 folder along with normal JJ2.exe, so if you want to test then put in your JJ2 folder and test. I can't blame you for not testing this though since I still haven't even tested on any other computers emo
Jelly Jam
JJnet user
Posts: 326
#1 | [q]2015-03-05 09:46
I've tested the program and it seems you made some visual edits. I like how you changed the loading screen, but you should have probably used some other picture. xd

- Access Violations replaced with a more normal error message

I didn't seem to have any error message when i attempted access violations.
So I scrolled the mouse wheel in the menu so I can get an access violation, but the game just crashed, no message.
Calm Splat

JJnet user
Posts: 63
#2 | [q]2015-03-05 20:51
Thanks for helping testing, Jelly Jam.

The loading screen, of course, I'm sure could be changed (99% sure). But to what? Is the question. Surely not some high-resolution image that would crash PCs, lol.

I don't understand the problem with mouse wheel causing crashes in the game menu. For me the menu only crashes when I try to go to single player mode. That's only been a problem since I lost my 1.22 CD (as single player mode would naturally work fine from CD), but obviously in plus you can play single player through a multiplayer game mode. Single player mode just provides you with episode files, which were fine before plus.

But that's not even nearly your point, anyway. I just can't get a crash from using mouse wheel, so I don't know what's going on.

Edit: Oh, I realized that the reason I got crashes from entering single player mode is, I had too many episode files in my folder. Ha, and now I remember that bug from way before plus xD
Calm Splat

JJnet user
Posts: 63
#3 | [q]2015-03-13 20:29
UPDATE: New version, 1920x1080 resolution loading screen. Naturally you would need 1920x1080 or higher resolution monitor, obviously. But I guess also you need Windows 8.1, as I have never actually tested compatibility. Regardless this file does run for me.




Indeed this is the loading screen that I had here:


I have changed it to anew image, although this image is 1920x1080 pixels. I chose this size because I have 1920x1080 resolution on my PC. The image above is 500x500 pixels, which of course is optimized size for printing out CD cover art. Obviously that, again, is unrelated to JJ2, but for making actual CDs if you need to insert a cover art into the CD case, you can print out on paper a 500x500 pixel image, cut it out, and it should fit with a jewel-case CD.

I haven't yet gotten the opportunity to make a download link for an updated version of this program. Since it has 1920x1080 resolution image for loading screen, I suspect it won't work if your monitor resolution is lower than 1920x1080.
Calm Splat

JJnet user
Posts: 63
#4 | [q]2015-03-21 06:20
new update: sound + music dialog became buggy and rendered obsolete by the main menu settings. the only option not found in the main menu is "Stereo mixing" - which isn't capable of switching to mono or surround anyway, I genuinely have no idea what it does. It's literally impossible to not use stereo sound AFAIK, so basically a fake setting?

Anyway, I replaced it with: "Calm Composer". It's just somewhere you can type, copy+paste, etc. No saving to file, no loading from file. So pretty much a basic text box. IMHO it's a bit useful for developing chat messages or other forms of writing.

But... I don't have a download link, yet. BTW, the D/L links I posted prior to this are broken, I'm quite sure. That's not really an issue, in my opinion. But - I hope to get a decent download link, for anyone who wants to test this updated version of Serenity.
Jelly Jam
JJnet user
Posts: 326
#5 | [q]2015-03-21 08:30
I would like to test it, again
Although, I don't use 1920x1080 or higher :s

JJnet user
Posts: 259
#6 | [q]2015-03-21 20:28
But you have higher than 640x480?