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     Wth | [q] 2015-04-25 13:48
Jelly Jam
JJnet user

Posts: 326
Dunno if this is a bug on this phone or sth, but there are like 50 Egyptian flags at the place where it says 'digiex, get the game'
Not rly a big problem for me, but wth? xD

JJnet user
Posts: 35
#1 | [q]2015-04-25 15:27
If the image didnt load, myb it's in the metadata for the image. Since internet was so slow back in the day, code would replace an unloaded image with text, preferably a foto caption or basic description. Hovering over the image with your cursor once it loaded would reveal the text as well. IDK if this is a "correct" explanation or not, I nevee checked the code here anyhow. But maybe the image has an Egyptian flag as its metadata somehow łøł. I kinda know what you mean, I've seen it elsewhere :p
Jelly Jam
JJnet user
Posts: 326
#2 | [q]2015-04-25 15:53
However the normal image is there, it's just that there are Egyptian flags instead of the black background.
It doesn't matter, anyway.

JJnet user
Posts: 259
#3 | [q]2015-06-01 23:35
Sth like this is happening for me now. For some reason wherever it's supposed to show an eguptian flag, it shows a hamburger instead. If i click, it redirects to the website for egyptian mcdonalds