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We want you to have a new commands in next JJ2+?
Yes! I want for new possibility
bb vote bb bb
11 (61%)

No! I don't want, hard to remember
bb vote bb bb
0 (0%)

It does not bother me
bb vote bb bb
2 (11%)

bb vote bb bb
5 (28%)

Votes: 18
     About of JJ2plus | [q] 2010-10-18 01:05
JJnet user

Posts: 29
Here talk about of this nice program. Tips, new commads and more. For upgrade the next version emo
JJnet user
Posts: 29
#1 | [q]2010-10-20 21:44
new commands !! For JJ2+ !! [Is my creations]
/Spamoptions on/off
Set the spam options on your server, if you set to on you can make this
Set the max allowed spams on server 0 is unlimited and 999 is max and action for reach the max alloved spams ban or kick
/spamwarnings <on/off>
This is for spammers players warnings settings
/aispamlearn <on/off>
Set the artificial intelligence for spam is set to on your server automatic learning and filtrating this spam on chat and automatic proceed the actions, action is warning,kick,ban and closed the connection CTC WARNIG the AI must be programmed in JJ2+
/timeban <on/off>
Set this timming ban for problematic players. Time is second, hour, day, week, month, year,
/maxping <on/off>
enable or disable the
command /allowedping
/allowedping <number in ms>
Min is 300 and max 999 is in ms, another players reach the max allowed ping automatically get kick from server
/autojoin <on/off> <server name>
Automatic join in your favourite server with startup JJ2
/autocreatserver <on/off> <server name>
is this on server w ill be automatic created with start JJ2
/autorunjj2 <on/off>
is this on your jj2 will be automatic starting with windows and for automatic joining or creating server use this commands /autocreatserver <on/off> <server name> must be on or is off only started jj2 and you must manually creat server or joined to server
/realtime <on/off>
enable or disable the real time in game
/multispectators <on/off>
it is on you can set the watching anothers players in one screen
/multispectating <player number+possition creen number)
you can watch the max defined players in one spectator mode 0 is defauld and 4 is max. Possitions is 1 right down , 2 right up 3 left down , 4 left up , 0 middle of screen
/autoupdate <on/off>
set the to ON for getting new updating files for JJ2+
you with him see the all avaiable command in server.
/categoryhelp <client/master and admin groups>
thi is the same function at this /help with easy identificate the allowed command with specific for master server, client server and admin groups. If you want see the only avaible command for client players (same as you) use type /help client do u want show avaiable commands for third groups use /help third.
use this for easy found specific command. If you want off carrots in server and dont know all name for this commands write this /find n [no, c, carrots....] for automatic complete the all name for this command and press enter.
/onlinemode <on/off>
set this on and you can start JJ2 without intros scenes and main menu this situacion is: start jj2-> join or creat server -> player setup -> getting serverlist and join this ! And old is: start jj2 -> loading intro -> new game ->party mode ->internet play -> join or creat server -> max players -> getting server list -> join and play
/blockcommand <player number> <command> <on/off>
You can set the command avaiable in admin group when is client player logged in. U writing
/blockcommand 4 kick on
is KICKing command disabled for player the player cant use this and can use the next command without KICK. You can block all avaiable command from the max [32] player in you server.
U writted the same /blockcommand 4 kick off can the specific player using again the blockect command
/hide <player number> on/off
This is alternative for /ban and /kick. If you write this, player can be on server and can´t use all commands,
shoot others players, get the all amnos, chat with players and hide players is not show for more clients players
in server the hide players cannoct wiew in spectate mode and normal mode the hidded player+can´t collision with
others players when other players can´t collision with him !
The hide players can only wiew the others players and can be in server and can move
/stopconnection <player nuber>
You writted this player got cto in 30 s (type /stopconnection 2). Its alternative for /kick. The commands is NOT WIEW when is enabled [only server can wiew] for others admin and clients
JJnet user
Posts: 1
#2 | [q]2010-11-05 08:01
where to download?
JJnet user
Posts: 29
#3 | [q]2010-11-06 00:03
where to download?

Sorry its only in my mremory i need programmer who can programming into JJ2+
JJnet user
Posts: 263
#4 | [q]2011-01-24 03:18
lol were u thinking about this before sleep?

JJnet user
Posts: 57
#5 | [q]2011-05-03 21:17

JJnet user
Posts: 276
#6 | [q]2011-05-03 21:21
micky being the only one to vote "idk", since he didn't understand the rest of the words emo
JJnet user
Posts: 81
#7 | [q]2011-05-28 15:51
micky being the only one to vote "idk", since he didn't understand the rest of the words emo

Micky? he is dead

i did understand

[19:17:10] AndrzejCDF: lol micky
[19:17:22] AndrzejCDF: gtfo micky
[17:33:32] cooba[si]: LOL Micky GTFO
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#8 | [q]2011-05-28 15:55

ÐarkLightCÇ: im probably pregnant but w/e

P.S. i don't approve Ron97's existence, log off my face nub. emo