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     [NT 2016] Final game tonight! | [q]2016-08-09 07:52
JJnet user

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We are close to the end of this exciting tournament! Tonight is the final game between The Netherlands and Poland! The game will be streamed by ShakerNL LIVE on his channel, tonight at 20:00.

2 games still need to be played to get the final ranking of the tournament:
for 5th Egypt vs United Kingdom
for 7th Romania vs Serbia

The deadline for the upper 2 games is Friday the 12th. If no team show off, the winner will be the team that performed better in the group stage.

After all games are completed and we get the final ranking, we will announce the NT 2016 Stats and Awards! We will have our MVP of the group stage and many more awards! Stay tuned!

JJnet user
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#1 | [q]2016-08-09 20:36

Puke Nukem