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2016-08-29: "Dayum, t3 got s..." -[GpW]Urbs
2016-08-29: "way to go team" -KRSplatinum
2016-08-29: "And guess who w..." -Jelly Jam
2016-08-29: "stats <3" -[GpW]Urbs
2016-08-28: "Guess who's bac..." -Toni
2016-08-28: "Meh, shame bout..." -[GpW]Urbs
2016-08-28: "really i cant w..." -KRSplatinum
2016-08-28: "Just when I com..." -[GpW]Urbs
2016-08-28: "just you wait, ..." -[GpW]Urbs
2016-08-28: "Stop picking e..." -Krzysiek
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By: Jelly Jam, in: Jelly Jam « JJ2 related2016-08-31 00:02
*puts lots of words*
By: Vegito, in: Jelly Jam « JJ2 related2016-08-30 15:35
"Mr. King is a __________ who seeks to welsh on al...
By: King, in: Jelly Jam « JJ2 related2016-08-30 15:00
I sit in sad repose as I put pen to paper concerni...
By: Ragnarok, in: Jelly Jam « JJ2 related2016-08-30 14:15
Do Smoke [NC]'s “compromises” appear reasonable to...
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