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2016-05-26: " ..." -Ragnarok
2016-05-26: " ..." -Ragnarok
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By: KRSplatinum, in: JJ2 discord group JJ2 related2016-05-20 02:57
I support this idea
By: Treylina, in: JJ2 discord group JJ2 related2016-05-20 00:00
Chat almost as ded as the clanladder itself. But I...
By: Treylina, in: Funniest moments! Forum games2016-04-27 15:31
[quote="Pariah"]-snip-[/quote] "idm camping for...
By: Pariah, in: Funniest moments! Forum games2016-04-22 22:33
[13:07:25] Parrot-Fish: 1v1? [13:07:32] -t3>BlckR...
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