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National Tournament

2012 Rules/Mappool

The rules
Where nothing specific is stated on this page, the JJnet clanwar rules apply.

Number of participating teams
These plans have been made with a tournament of eight teams in mind. If more teams are added, they will need to be adjusted a bit.

The mappool
The mappool consists of two parts: the “new” maps and the classics. The “new” maps in turn fall largely into two groups: three levels from the JJnet mappool plus three rather untested levels. The classics are simply the rest of the JJnet mappool with a few alterations.

In the group stage, maps are predetermined. In the play-offs, they are selected beforehand by the teams and the better ranked team has the advantage of a wider array of choices.

The JJnet mappool for the next ladder season will probably be determined as follows:
Clans get to vote yes/no/idc on the “new” maps from this tournament, but what amounts to removal votes for FF or CotS will have to be motivated. They also get to nominate one new level and make two motivated removal suggestions.

The layout
Maps are either announced by officials or picked by clans well ahead of games in order to facilitate training for the teams.
After the group stage, the first two clans of each group will move on to the play-offs. The remaining four clans will do the same thing for places 5-8.
The group stage is round-based. The play-offs are scoring-based. 
In the group-stage, draws are possible. 

If teams end up with the same amount of points after the group stage, this list will be followed:

1. Who has earned the most points? (=wins-losses)
2. If still tied: Who has won by the biggest margin? (=scores-scores lost)
3. If still tied: Which of the teams won when they faced off in the group stgae?

The match-ups
The groups will be seeded based largely on their performance in previous national tournaments.

Group stage

Group A Group B
A1 B1
A2 B2
A3 B3
A4 B4
  Team 1
Team 2          Round 1+2                   Round 3+4
Week 1       A1 vs.        A2 Crystalline Frontier Falls
  B1 vs. B2
  A3 vs. A4
  B3 vs. B4
Week 2 A1 vs. A3 EZtrig City of the Sn00zE
  B1 vs. B3
  A2 vs. A4
  B2 vs. B4
Week 3 A1 vs. A4 This Level Is Untitled TCS v3
  B1 vs. B4
  A2 vs. A3
  B2 vs. B3

Each level is played twice (2x 10 min), once on each colour.
A coin-flip (repeated for each level) determines which team gets to pick colour first.




A1, B1, A3 and B3 pick a map ahead of the match (not at the time of a clanwar itself) from the entire mappool.

A2, B2, A4 and B4 pick a map ahead of the match (not at the time of a clanwar itself) from the classics-free mappool.

The highest ranking team gets to determine the map order pick colour first on all levels (including the tiebreaker).

Finals / Bronze games

All teams pick a map from the entire tournament mappool ahead of the game. The order in which the maps are played are determined by a coin flip. The order in which colours are played on maps is determined by one coin flip for every level played. 


To determine the tables in the group stage, match scores are in rounds, a win is 2 points, a tie 1 points and a loss 0 points.

The purpose of letting teams pick maps ahead of games, is the same as the purpose of scheduling the new levels very early in the group stage: to make it easier for the teams to prepare for their matches.

Deadlines are set by a tournament official to set a time-frame for making important changes, in our case: picking a match date, and (in the play-offs) maps. They are binding in the sense that if you don't abide by them, you get into trouble, but not so binding that they can't be bent to accomodate the wishes of the playing teams. In other words, if you miss a deadline, you will be at the mercy of the opposing team. Similarily, in the case of a game's scheduling, the set time is binding, unless the teams agree to change it.

In case of a tie in the knockout-stage, the veto method will be applied to the entire tournament mappool. The map should be played twice to circumvent colour bias. However, if the teams agree - presumably because the selected map is fairly balanced - they can agree to only play one tiebreaker round. Either way, the last tiebreaker round will be played with /overtime on /otlimit 30, and the overtime limit will be reset until a team scores or forfeits (/otlimit reset).

Each level is played twice (probably 2x 10 min), once on each colour.

"New" maps
This Level Is Untitled

Frontier Falls
TCS v3
City of the Sn00zE 

Classics pool
-Happy Semiconductor (lvl, tileset)
-Jungle's Edge (lvl, tileset)
-BloodBunny's Lair (lvl, tileset)
-Swingin Jazz (fixed) (lvl, tileset)
-Galactic Warfare (lvl, tileset)
-Epitome (lvl, tileset)
-Distopia (lvl, tileset)
-Wicked Wood (lvl, tileset)
-Gauntlet (lvl, tileset)
-Superconductor (lvl, tileset)
-Diamondus Warzone[JJnet Edit](lvl, tileset) (3v3 only)
-Security Breach v2 (lvl, tileset) (3v3 only)
-Space Island Level with Islands (lvl, tileset) (3v3 only)
-Zaitox Station 67 (j2o) (3v3 only)