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Contest results! [JJnet Level Contest Season 13]2018-09-10 20:57 | Vivando
The level contest for season 13 has been concluded and the judges have selected their 3 favorite maps for the ladder mappool. The winners were determined by holding a voting in the 'council', where each of the invited judges could vote for 3 maps they deemed to be the best fit for the mappool. A total of 5 judges voted in the council, whom were Lahm, JellyJam, Ragnarok, SJ and Anubis. The results were as follows:

Butrinti - 5 votes
Orbital IV - 3 votes
Sparkling Illusions - 3 votes
Painted Garden - 2 votes
Nidavellir - 1 vote
Red Rose - 1 vote
Cleanse - 0 votes
The Crackdown - 0 votes

[6:06 PM] sn1ky: My top 3 would probably be xlmbut ezspark and ezpaint
[10:49 PM] Jelly Jam: Hi, I vote for xlmbut, ezorb and xlmnidavellir and I recommend the last 2 to be 3vs3 only.
[11:29 PM] Ragnarok: My 3 votes are gonna be (in order of preference), ezspark, xlmbut, and ezpaint - all of which can be both 2v2/3v3
[11:31 PM] SJ: In the meantime, I'll announce my own votes: Butrinti, Orbital IV, Red Rose
[11:48 PM] Anubis: My final votes are xlmbut, ezspark, and ezorb (last one as 3v3 only). I might have picked ezpaint as my 3rd vote if it had better layout in the middle area though

Thus the 3 maps that have been selected for the mappool are Butrinti, Orbital IV and Sparkling Illusions!

Congratulations for your victory Smoke & Loon! Your level truly impressed all of the judges. Also congratulations to FawFul and ThunDerDraGon for a tied 2nd place. The top-3 maps have now been added to the mappool, but Orbital IV as a 3v3 only map due to it's big size and complexity.

Overall we got a total of 8 high quality, creative maps that were fun to play in during the judging process! That is way over my expectations! Therefore I want to thank everybody who participated in the contest! Also thanks to all the judges who voted and helped in judging the contest entries.

Of course, we wouldn't want to leave others empty about why their maps weren't selected by the judges. So you may find a huge wall of text below stating the most essential things that the judges liked/disliked about each level:


+Well executed, versatile layout that suits both 2v2 and 3v3 games nicely
+Very interesting carrot area with a lot of strategic options
+Not too many camping spots
+Good choice and spread of weapons and power ups
+Well balanced open and closed areas
+Visually gorgeous and not too distractive

-Flow could use optimization; intuitive on one side, and bumpier on the other side

Orbital IV:

+Excellent CTF layout with plenty of room for a very diverse, strategic gameplay
+Movement and flow has been made easy to learn, yet hard to fully master
+Inspiring visuals and background, not distractive
+Excellent base design and fairly good vine placement to bring extra depth to the gameplay
+The RF-powerups offer nice, various way to reach, since it's possible to also RF-climb to them or shoot with gun9

-Not much exciting action in 2v2 games, due to the fairly large size
-There are some areas that are particularly campy, namely the top middle and the large horizontal spaces. Luckily the bouncer ammo helps a lot in the horizontal space, but requires patience.
-Some of the ammo placement and vines could still benefit from some optimization

Sparkling Illusions:

+Good, versatile layout that suits both 2v2/3v3 games, which encourages good movement
+Cool and creative measures to counter camping in specific areas, generally not too easily campable
+Good choice of powerups and well balanced, together with a suitable amount of ammo in the level
+Many places with room for RF tricks
+Visually impressive
+Original and interesting base design

-May be sometimes excessively visual, distractive; Particularly the visuals might make it hard to distinguish passable areas or solid platforms (as perhaps the level title implies)
-The graphics cause minor fps drops in 16-bit mode, 8-bit mode seems to be recommended
-Bumpy flow at parts, but is possible to get used to with some practice, potentially
-Minor dead ends where you get stuck for a second if you don't jump to the spring immediately

Painted Garden:

+Custom roller weapon that fits the level design very well, giving players the ability to shoot upwards the slopes
+Good general placement of pickups
+Sold layout with a reasonably good flow

-Some parts of the level are a bit boring, particularly the middle area
-Some areas under bases can get particularly annoying in 2v2s against camping flagholders who may require 2 players to hunt down, like the carrot areas that are fairly easily campable
-Level could benefit from more seeker ammo
-The level might be slightly overdecorated together with the very rich colours


+Original layout
+Well placed full NRG carrot that can be sent down
+Interesting choice of power ups

-The map is too big for 2v2, considering there are 3 carrots and the overall size of the map
-Top area is probably only for camping
-A lot of items of interest particularly at the bottom of the level
-Gameplay seems too vertical and is mainly focused on going up and down different floors
-The ropes above the bases make it so that you can camp a lot

Red Rose:

+Fun and fast-paced map with a small layout that is easy to learn and remember
+Flow is particularly nice and well balanced between all characters
+The carrot area is well executed and camping there is counterable from above with bouncers

-Might be sometimes a bit too chaotic in a 3v3 game, due to the small size of the map
-The layout is pretty bouncer biased, and the thin walls and platforms the bouncers can go through only make this feeling stronger
-The bottom level is slightly too cramped and linear
-Some areas might be generally too campy, like the vines above bases together with seeker and bouncer ammo


+Very original, inspiring gameplay that rewards high skill together with the custom energy blast-weapon
+Can be a lot of fun to play with other people who haven't fully learned or mastered the level yet
+Well executed and inspiring alternative way to reach base (through the top)

-Massive in size, although very open at the same time
-Very punishing gameplay for players new to the level, with all the hazardous scenery (although it manages to crop the otherwise so large playable area a bit)
-Long learning curve
-Contains two full NRG carrots that are very separated from each other, which means that each team basically has their own full NRG carrots. This makes it very hard to kill the opposing, dominating flagcarriers (especially in 2v2).
-Contains a laser shield in an area that is hard (but not impossible) to reach out alive. Enabling /noshields neither stops the shield from spawning, but just makes players using that shield to get kicked off for using an invalid shield (apparently due to a JJ2+ bug). That would be too much for the ladder.

The Crackdown:

+Very original gameplay and impressive visual side
+Solid, tactical layout that has room for numerous tricks, like RF-climbs
+Offers some nice strategic possibilities with TNT ammo

-Too campy and slow-paced for a 2v2-game
-Might be too gimmicky, as the antigravity plays a big role in the map and may be too difficult for most players to get used to
-The trigger scenery closing the top entrance to the base greatly limits movement in the map, although it is there for a reason
-The bases can get very campy and challenging to reach against heavy defense, as the TNT backdoor isn't too easily accessible
-Would benefit from more ammo
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[NT 2018] Stats and Awards2018-09-09 04:16 | Toni
The long-awaited stats and awards are finally up! [EGY]Kyro won the MVP award! All awarded players have an award on their profile now. Go and check it!

Full list of awards and all stats can be found on the National Tournament page
NT2018 Stats & Awards
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Mappool Vote Results2018-09-02 15:24 | Vivando
The clans GpW, CX, t3 and CC have voted for the following:

The Dragon Eyrie - 4 votes
Fauztinville - 2 votes
Re-Purposed Offshore Platform - 1 vote

No votes were received from CDF. Thus 2 votes were enough to pass a vote for a map. Fauztinville and The Dragon Eyrie have been added into the mappool as 3v3 only maps, due to their big size.

The votes were as follows:

[3:07 AM] Jelly Jam: Hi, GpW votes YES only for xlmdragon

7:41 PM] Ragnarok: The Dragon Eyrie YES
Re-Purposed Offshore Platform NO
Fauztinville YES

10:13 PM] SJ: Anyway, we will vote YES for The Dragon Eyrie and Fauztinville
[10:13 PM] SJ: and NO to Re-Purposed Offshore Platform

The Dragon Eyrie YES
Re-Purposed Offshore Platform YES
Fauztinville NO
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Ladder Season 13 Begins!2018-09-01 11:00 | Vivando
The 13th season has now officially started!

You may now play and submit ladder matches normally. The season lasts until 100 points as previously. Please remember that there won't be play-offs this season, but the top-2 clans will be invited directly into the grand final instead! The 3rd and 4th ranked clans will be invited to the bronze final.

Also take note that the higher ranked clans will be able to veto 2 maps instead of 1 in their final game, as a reward.

Best of luck to all the clans! May the odds ever be in your favor!
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Mappool and Rule Changes2018-08-31 20:38 | Vivando
The 13th season of the JJnet ladder is almost ready to start, and that brings in changes to both the mappool and and general rules.

The updated rules are §2, §5 and §6 (plus rules related to them).

§2.1 Clans with 20% or more of the maximum ranking points may not refuse clanwars (not ladder matches) against lower-ranked clans who have got at least 50% or more of the challenged clan's ranking points.
§2.1.1 It does not matter if the challenging clan falls below 50% of challenged clan's ranking points after the challenge has been sent, as long as they had the amount at the point the challenge was sent.

In essence: Clans who challenge another clan must always have at least half as much ranking points as the other clan. This is meant to partially protect points gained through activity, so that another inactive, but theoretically stronger clan shouldn't be able to "plunder" another clan's points with only minimal amount of ranking points. Therefore the challenger should always be at least half as active (or victorious, in terms of ranking points) as the challenged clan. For example:

Example 1:
Clan A has got 80 ranking points, while clan B has got 20 ranking points. Clan B challenges clan A for a clanwar, but clan A may refuse without consequences since clan B has got only 25% of clan A's amount of ranking points.

Example 2:
Clan A has got 99 ranking points, while clan B has got 50 ranking points. Clan B challenges clan A for a clanwar and clan A may not refuse the challenge (considering that it was the first valid challenge received by clan A) because clan B has over 50% of the amount of clan A's ranking points. Practically, clan B has ensured themselves being able to challenge any clan with 35 (due to rule §2.1.3) or more ranking points (as long as the maximum points to finish the season is 100).

§5.1.1 Once all off-season clanwars have been dealt with, the two highest ranked clans will be invited to participate in the season final, and the 3rd and 4th clan will be invited to the bronze final. They shall start as soon as possible.

In essence: Instead of play-offs, we are going to have just a bronze final and a grand final for this season. This should encourage clans to compete more for the very top spots in ranking to be able to win.

§6.2 A clan that has reached a higher ranking during the season than its opponent, has the privilege of picking map order, team color order on every map (can choose team colors on overtime round as well) and is allowed to choose two (2) veto levels for the final/bronze match instead of one.
§6.2.1 All clans will be allowed to change their previous veto level for the final matches.
§6.2.2 In order to let clans prepare for this, the clans have to set their new veto level(s) at least 24 hours before the match is scheduled to start or immediately, if the match is scheduled to start in less than 24 hours.
§6.2.3 The previous rule about the higher ranked clan being able to pick the tiebreaker map does not apply anymore, and the clans will have to follow the normal clanwar procedure on picking the tiebreaker.

In essence: Instead of being able to pick a tiebreaker map, the higher ranked clan is able to choose 2 veto maps for their last game (bronze or grand final). All clans are allowed to change their previous veto for the last game, but at least 24 hours before its scheduled start.

Mappool updates:

Enable previously disabled maps:
-Wicked Wood

Disable top-3 most played maps:
Galactic Warfare: 36 12.37 %
Gauntlet: 36 12.37 %
Distopia: 30 10.31 %

Remove 3 least picked maps from the general pool:
Hmk: 7 2.41 %
Trigelateral v3: 4 1.37 %
BBLair: 3 1.03 %

Remove 3v3 maps due to 0 picks:
-Facing Worlds (3v3 only)
-Frontier Falls (3v3 only)
-This Level Is Untitled (3v3 only)

Make 3v3 only due to complexity:
-Nightwalker (xlmnight.j2l)

The counts are indicating the total pick count during the on-season phase of the last season. The percentages are indicating the pick percentage out of all map picks. The new maps from voting/contest will be added shortly after the deadlines. You may view the latest mappool here.
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Vote For New Maps2018-08-29 22:20 | Vivando
In addition to the current level contest, a few maps besides it are nominated for being added into the ladder mappool for the next season. The clans are allowed to vote for each map whether they wish to see it in the mappool.

The clans that are eligible to vote are: CX, CC, -t3>, GpW, and CDF (more than 0 points last season and enough active players).

The maps in question are:

The Dragon Eyrie by PurpleJazz
Re-Purposed Offshore Platform by FireSworD aka HyperJazz
Fauztinville by ThunDerDraGon

Clanleaders, please send a PM to me on Discord by Saturday (September 1st) before 23:59 UTC with your votes.

In your PM you need only write the following (for example):

The Dragon Eyrie YES
Re-Purposed Offshore Platform NO
Fauztinville YES

YES means the map should be added into the mappool. NO means it should not be added.

Thank you!
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Ladder Season 12 Finishes!2018-08-28 23:08 | Vivando
The 12th edition of the JJnet ladder season has finally reached its end, after a play-off phase that took nearly 3 months! Congratulations to CX for their second consecutive season victory! Here are the final standings:


Expect more major changes to the ladder mappool for the upcoming 13th season! More detailed news regarding the new season coming soon. Stay tuned!
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CC vs. CX2018-08-28 20:13 | Vivando
blankcomments | 0
-t3> vs [GpW]2018-08-17 19:20 | Kyro
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Camel: Account system2018-08-17 01:54 | Kyro

We have reverted back to the old account system. All accounts have been deleted so you have to register new accounts, preferably with different passwords than your old ones.

This will hopefully improve security and clear some of the old mess.

Certain rules are back:

§4.1 Using someone else’s account with your name is not allowed.
§4.2 Sharing your admin password with others is forbidden and will result in your admin group deactivation.
§4.3 Multi-Accounting is forbidden and will result in your admin group removal or deactivation.
§4.4 You're not allowed to guess other players passwords.

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2. flag CX Awards61p
3. flag -t3> Awards30p
4. flag [CDF]11p
5. flag CC Awards2p
6. flag [VS]0p
7. flag aEs Awards0p
8. flag [Pre] Awards0p
9. flag TUX0p
9. flag xNCx0p
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