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     Tourney starts soon | [q] 2012-07-25 11:25
JJnet user

Posts: 397
We want to remind you that you can still subscribe for the national tournament until the 27th of july 23:59.
At the moment we have 7 teams, it would be ideal if we had 8.
It would be even considerable to add a B team or even perhaps a not so strong fantasy team.
After the 27th, the players of a team who will most likely play have to give the dates when they can.
Then there will be decided what will be the best date to play the match.
Expect matches to begin when august starts.
Dont forget to read the rules, it takes a while to understand them.
I wish you all good luck in advance!

JJnet admin
Posts: 847
#1 | [q]2012-07-26 16:18
To be more precise, we are looking for referees who will not be participating in the tournament themselves.
JJnet user
Posts: 376
#2 | [q]2012-07-27 19:58
Ok this is a bit unorthodox but here goes...
I'm gone next week, Reni's msn doesn't work, amy isn't here this week, i don't have anney on any messenger device and BR won't be captain so...

We're thinking of entering the 8th team, Team Europe, which was there last year already and therefore isn't sth completely new to the tourney.

The team would consist of :Amy, Anney, BlackRose, Reni and me (an all girls team, yay!).

Problem is that Anney and Amy haven't been asked yet and BR is still unsure, I am adding us cuz I won't be here next week.

I've already left messages with all of the above (asked BR to contact Anney) and I'll tell them to confirm their participation here in this thread while I'm gone.

I hope that if we get at least 4 players we'll be allowed to play because we're probably not a threat for the top 3.

EDIT: if the above mentioned players (other than me and Reni who are in for sure) do not respond or if they decide not to play (2 haven't even been asked yet), and if in my absence no new players can be found, I guess we won't be playing.

EDIT2: lol today the last day, sry guys, I guess we won't be able to get 5 people by today, hopefully we can get 4 tho!
JJnet user
Posts: 397
#3 | [q]2012-07-27 20:45
Anney is in, so if BR is in too then you have 4 players, which is enough.
I bet Amy would like to join you anyway.
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JJnet user
Posts: 376
#4 | [q]2012-07-27 21:06
Ya wanted to confirm, we got 4 people for sure and I asked Amy to confirm, but I think her MSN status says she won't be here till tmrw.

For the dates.. idc I can basically play whenever the girls have time, so enemy teams, confer with them please. But not before next Saturday, preferably not before Sunday (I get home next Sat).

Yay, we made it just in time!
JJnet user
Posts: 86
#5 | [q]2012-07-27 21:29
I asked Rabb a couple of days ago if he would be interested in playing with us, and he said yes
so imo we can count him in as well emo
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JJnet user
Posts: 135
#6 | [q]2012-07-27 22:29
Now i wanna be a total douche and submit a Uk team! Even if i probably cant play!
JJnet user
Posts: 43
#7 | [q]2012-07-27 22:31
Sure i would play for team europe c: