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15 Second Rush
Rules: Mappool

The current mappool:

2v2+ maps (2v2 and bigger formats):

  • All Your Base (olcallurbase.j2l) (lvltileset)
  • BloodBunny's Lair (jjnetbblair.j2l) (lvltileset)
  • Butrinti (xlmbut.j2l) (Google Drive)
  • Distopia (lvltileset)
  • Epitome (mlynepitome.j2l) (lvltileset)
  • Gauntlet (gauntlet.j2l) (lvltileset)
  • Hall of The Mountain King v2 (xlmhmk.j2l) (j2o)
  • Painted Garden (ezpaint.j2l) (j2o)
  • Re-Purposed Offshore Platform (rpop.j2l) (j2o)
  • Scrapyard (xlmscrapyard.j2l) (j2o)
  • Superconductor (elmsuper.j2l) (lvltileset)
  • Starlit CTF (pluctf02.j2l) (j2o)
  • Stronghold (xlmstronghold.j2l) (j2o)
  • Swingin Jazz (fixed) (bbswing.j2l) (lvltileset)
  • The Astrolabe (ezastro.j2l) (zip)
  • Trigelateral v4 (eztrig.j2l) (zip)
  • Wicked Wood (xlmww.j2l) (lvltileset)

3v3+ maps (3v3 and bigger formats):

  • Ancient Museum (AM.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
  • Carrot Farm (xlmcfarm.j2l (default) / xlmfarm.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
  • City of the Sn00zE v1 (xlmcots.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
  • Daybreak (ezdaybreak.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
  • Dusk v4 (ezdos.j2l) (zip) (3v3+ only)
  • Facing Worlds (face.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
  • Frontier Falls (xlmff.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
  • Galactic Warfare (gw.j2l) (lvltileset) (3v3+ only)
  • Happy Semiconductor (elmhsemi.j2l / semi.j2l) (lvltileset)
  • Jungle's Edge (c.j2l / olcJungE.j2l) (lvltileset) (3v3+ only)
  • Medieval Skyscrapers (d.j2l / olcmdvl.j2l) (lvltileset) (3v3+ only)
  • Nightwalker (xlmnight.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
  • Orbital IV (ezorb.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
  • The Dragon Eyrie (xlmdragon.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
  • This Level Is Untitled (EvilMike212.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)



Previously included maps:

  • Sparkling Illusions (ezspark.j2l) (j2o)
  • Diamondus Warzone[JJnet Edit] (jjnetctfdw.j2l)(lvltileset) (3v3+ only)
  • Fauztinville (tdctf06.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
  • Los Pollos Hermanos (ezHermanos.j2l) (j2o)
  • Technodus Cargo Station (eztcs.j2l) (zip)
  • Atom Heart (j2o) (3v3+ only)
  • Canyon grove (j2o)
  • Nuclear Afterblast (old version) (lvltilesetmusic) (3v3+ only)
  • Security Breach v2 (lvltileset) (3v3+ only)
  • Space Island Level with Islands (lvltileset) (3v3+ only)
  • Trepidation (j2o)
  • Unconventional Coffee (j2o) (3v3+ only)
  • Waterfall Caves (j2o) (3v3+ only)
  • Zaitox Station 67 (j2o) (3v3+ only)


JJnet level edits in JCS and Angelscript

The following maps have been altered in JCS or with Angelscripts (all scripts available here).

  • Diamondus Warzone[JJnet Edit] (jjnetctfdw.j2l): no shield, altered start positions, different tileset for recognisability, restored ammo piles
  • Happy Semiconductor (semi.j2l): restored ammo piles
  • Swingin Jazz (fixed) (bbswing.j2l): restored ammo piles
  • Technodus Cargo Station (eztcs.j2l): restored ammo piles (ice)
  • Frontier Falls (xlmff.j2l): restored ammo piles
  • Wicked Wood (xlmww.j2l): restored ammo piles
  • Epitome (mlynepitome.j2l): restored ammo piles
  • BloodBunny's Lair (jjnetbblair.j2l): restored ammo piles, removed bad start positions, made gun9 PU strong, fireball pickups, cosmetic changes


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