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2019-07-14: "good game" -ThunDer
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By: SirEmentaler, in: Question for Jelly JamAsk Tira 2019-07-16 04:28
Like I said, these are "conclusions" rather than d...
By: Ragnarok, in: Question for Jelly JamAsk Tira 2019-07-15 09:18
from where did you cite such information?
By: Jelly Jam, in: Question for Jelly JamAsk Tira 2019-07-13 00:57
teeheehee you said nut milk
By: SirEmentaler, in: Question for Jelly JamAsk Tira 2019-07-13 00:34
I've done extensive research on this topic and I'd...
By: SAMI, in: Question for Jelly JamAsk Tira 2019-07-12 12:53
Lizard people are real. They feast on humans and...
Rules: Revision history CTF
2019-03-01: Updated rule §6.2.2 for General rules and rule §3 for normal match rules (reordered rules) //Vivando
2019-02-28: Updated mappool //Vivando
2019-02-24: Updated mappool //Vivando
2019-02-16: Added previously disabled maps Distopia, Galactic Warfare and Gauntlet into the mappool //Vivando
2019-02-16: Removed maps Diamondus Warzone[JJnet Edit] and Fauztinville from mappool //Vivando
2018-09-10: Added maps Butrinti, Orbital IV (3v3 only) and Sparkling Illusions into the mappool //Vivando
2018-09-02: Added maps Fauztinville and The Dragon Eyrie into the 3v3 mappool //Vivando
2018-08-31: Updated rules §2, §5, §6 and updated mappool for Season 13 //Vivando
2018-06-06: Fixed rule regarding overtime in tiebreaker //Vivando
2018-05-24: Update Rules //Vivando
2017-08-19: Update mappool //Vivando
2016-08-13: Mappool finished & uppercut mutator//Grytolle
2016-08-13: Change max points from 200 to 100. //Vivando
2015-04-15: - BloodBunny's Lair (jjnetbblair.j2l): restored ammo piles, removed bad start positions, made gun9 PU strong, fireball pickups, cosmetic changes //Grytolle
2015-04-15: Box restoration, see JJnet level edits in JCS and Angelscript //Grytolle
2015-04-12: Cosmetic changes //Grytolle
2015-04-11: Lots of minor revisions, removed obsolete content, updated server settings, wholly rewritten section about ending games (§13). Edited §2: Refusing clanwars, arranging clanwars and no-shows. Please also note section §1.2 regarding mutators, scripts and level edits. Clanwars now last 2x2x10 min by default and numerous other changes were made to the clanwar rules. No special /stop procedures for clanwars. Similar minor revisions were made to ladder matches, but nothing major. Please read the rules through in case I forgot to mention anything //Grytolle
2015-04-09: Clarifications and updates to §11-13 regarding general rules, mappool updates, server settings //Vivando
2015-02-02: Slight tweaks to the layout //Vivando
2015-01-12: Updated play-off rules §5.1. Vetoes are frozen //Grytolle
2014-05-23: Updated rules and mappool //Vivando
2013-09-17: Updated mappool //Kyro
2013-09-09: Mappool edited (deletions) //Grytolle
2013-08-06: Rules for missing players in clanwars (§12) //Grytolle
2013-02-09: Pepper/fireball rules //Grytolle
2013-02-09: New /cstop rules //Grytolle
2013-02-09: Replaced the season win section so moti can start laddering. //Grytolle
2013-02-01: Mappool updated. //Grytolle
2012-06-16: §5.1 off-season described. //Grytolle
2012-06-16: §4: For details on what happens if a cheater is caught, see the article section. //Grytolle
2012-05-08: General rules §9.4.1: /cstop mandatory. //Grytolle
2012-05-07: Clarified the section "Refusing clanwars, arranging clanwars and no-show". //Grytolle
2012-05-07: Points awarded for a played clanwar §1: Link to the points calculator //JJBynny
2012-05-07: Rules for normal matches §1: New rules regarding the amount of rounds and their length in ladder matches //Grytolle
2012-04-23: General rules §2.1.1: Point buffer for challenges //Grytolle
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