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Seasonal Greetings2015-04-01 17:32 | JJBynny
Hello to you all!

Most of you people probably remember me, but to those who dont, I am an ex-admin of JJnet, also the former leader of the clan -t3>. I just had to come here to express myself about how nice its to see that this scene is still alive and kicking, just like 3 years ago when I was still an active player. I have been looking at the competetive scene every now and then, and I must say I am really satisfied about how the ladder has evolved.

But really, fuck JDC! This abominition should rest in peace and should not be reincarneted anymore. I am sick of watching people still playing games for JDC, and thus have discussed with JJnet staff about the situation. After some talk we all agreed that JJnet should no longer respect players playing for both the ladder and JDC. So a new rule was made:

§12: Regarding JDC
§12.1 Fuck JDC Forever
§12.2 Any active JJnet player, who plays any game related to JDC in the future will be permanantly banned from JJnet and the ladder.
§12.3 In addition, any player participating in JDC as an admin or official will be cause for a 10 point punishment for their clan.

I hope this clarifies it to everyone who in future desires to play any JDC game. Thats pretty much all I wanted to say.

Finally, good luck to everyone in the ladder season! Maybe we will see in game anytime soon, if I can just find a little spare time.

P.S. Im very proud of my clan -t3> and how they have won 3 seasons already. Im sure theyll be back in full shape shortly, despite the little lousy start of the season.

Thank you.
2015-04-04 16:23 
This is soo stupid! Why ban someone who plays in JDC ?!!!

Edited: 2015-04-04 16:23 by SAMI
2015-04-03 18:08 
i suspect that jjbynny is a vaginasceptic (to not say: ***g*t), ait no joke tho (past aprils fools!!) emo greetings
2015-04-02 12:27 
Hard to remove JDC?
2015-04-02 10:44 
Yesterday I decided to leave my JCS career behind me..
2015-04-02 03:15 
2015-04-01 22:55 
All of this is because JJBynny and Cooba broke up yesterday. JJ2 is suffering because of their loving relationship emo
2015-04-01 20:59 

Deleted: 2015-04-01 20:59 by Ahmo
2015-04-01 19:02 
Also i wanted to add. im leaving jj2. wont play anymore. so i wanna thx everyone with who i had ocassion to play. Much thx to my clan CX for much time spent together .i hope you will do fine without me and win next season again emo

2015-04-01 17:46 

Deleted: 2015-04-01 18:06 by Grytolle
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