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A Couple of Updates2015-04-07 20:21 | Vivando
So, after a while JJ2+ v5.0 is out there, and camel servers have been upgraded accordingly. Once again there are tons of new features and tons of bug fixes, one of them being the fix of the quite annoying "nocap"-bug, which seemed to occur when players tried to capture the flag after falling on a base and then leaving it too quickly. However, the JJ2+ dev team have improved the physics once again and thus this bug is long gone(hopefully we will never witness it anymore), which leads to a change for the ladder...

Waterfall Caves (3v3 only) is back in the mappool! It was temporarily disabled from the mappool, since we considered that the nocap-bug was crippling it's gameplay too much (cause of the base placement which already is tricky for capturing.)

Another update is the rule regarding stopping the game. Since stopping the game in the latest JJ2+ version with nomovement turned on no longer lets players fall down, the /stop command can neither be harmful anymore. Thus, the rule which entitles the opposing team 2 free scores from use of the /stop-command (without any warning) doesn't apply anymore.

However, instead of enabling /stop to all players in Camel Duels immediately, we want to experiment and see, whether our camel staff's created custom command !cstop works well or not. The difference between !cstop and /cstop is nothing more than their lengths, where !cstop with 3 seconds countdown seems to be more suitable to JJnet ladder standards, rather than 0 or 5 seconds (or anything else.) So for now, we would prefer if you used !cstop in the first place for ladder games, although alternatives won't be punishable either.

P.S. We want to sincerely thank the JJ2+ development team for their hard work and effort put on the game. We are very pleased with the outcome.

UPDATE: /stop-command is now available to all logins as well.
2015-04-09 09:53 
Admins and moderators were not allowed to use it.
So it's unblocked for all groups now.

Also there are few commands to use now

[09:49:47] kyr0: !resetgame
[09:49:48] Console: Time Left until game ends has been RESET
[09:49:48] Console: Game has been RESET
[09:49:48] Console: No Carrots has been ENABLED
[09:49:48] Console: No Carrots has been DISABLED
[09:49:48] Console: Objects will now spawn

[09:50:42] kyr0: !startgame
[09:50:42] Console: No Movement on Stopped Games has been ENABLED
[09:50:42] Game Starts in 5...
[09:50:43] 4...
[09:50:44] 3...
[09:50:45] 2...
[09:50:46] 1...
[09:50:47] Game has been STARTED

[09:51:17] kyr0: !cstop
[09:51:17] Camel: ||Stopping in 3...
[09:51:18] Camel: ||...2
[09:51:19] Camel: ||...1
[09:51:20] Game has been STOPPED

And Server name appears under timelimit if you spectate an active rabbit or already spectated off.
2015-04-09 09:45 
Is there a limit of /stop's you can use in a game?

So at the moment not all players can use /stop, only admins and moderators? Isn't that unfair?
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