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Oh lol i forgot i even put her name in here. I jus...
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This poll is not dead yet. ;)
New Camel Servers Website2015-09-06 02:40 | JR10
Me and Kyro have finished working on the new website. It has some new features. We have a new theme that we think is more clear and compact than the former one.

You can now register on the website directly, so you don't need to log in jjnet to request a password. It's also much easier now for admins to accept your request, so hopefully it won't take long to get your account added.

You can also post an unban appeal, report someone or submit your application.

Head over to the index page where you can see the latest news and updates. www.camelservers.com

We're planning on allowing users to login with their ingame accounts (admin.ini accounts) soon, along with commenting system.
2015-09-07 00:49 
2015-09-06 23:55 
Sounds good, and it seems like you've worked hard on the site. My only question is in the Camel News sidebar section on JJNet, will it be updated to have news like the J2O and JDC news sections?
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