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Mappool Changes2017-08-19 23:36 | Vivando
The official JJnet council, which consists of 1 representative from each of the active clans (CC, CDF, CX, GpW and t3), has been gathered to determine an updated mappool for the active season. The discussion went on for one month.

The season was launched prematurely before the changes to allow more time for discussion, but since a clan has reached 10 points during the active season, it felt like a good point to apply the changes. Here are the changes in summary (numbers indicate total picks per map, percentages indicate the proportion of each map pick):

Disable top-3 most played maps:
-Epitome: 48 16.44 %
-Wicked Wood: 36 12.33 %
-Scrapyard: 29 9.93 %

Disable 3 of the least played maps:
-Los Pollos Hermanos: 4 1.37 %
-Starlit: 4 1.37 %
-TCS: 3 1.03 %

Enable the previously disabled most played maps:
-Galactic Warfare
-Jungle's Edge

Enable BloodBunny's lair (This map was previously considered too imbalanced for CWs, but since the new CW format allows teams to play on both colours in a map, it's no longer considered a valid argument)

Since 3v3 ladder matches are played significantly less, we decided to keep the 3v3 mappool unchanged.

We came into agreement of keeping Trigelateral v3 (4 1.37 %), despite it being in the group of the least played maps.

You can view the new mappool in its entirety here.

Happy laddering!
2017-08-28 15:16 
*urbs; i presume u mean bblair is imbalanced, which is the better side to be? someone picked it vs us and we dont know what side was better, so we play default.

good to keep trig because of the trig bug which made less people play it.

2017-08-26 11:26 
I agree with what MS said
2017-08-26 09:27 
Regarding the current activity, I see little purpose in still removing the most played maps from the mappool for a season. In addition, I would recommend to put all maps which are of reasonable quality in the mappool, so it becomes more of a failsafe in case a crappy (self-made) map is suggested. This way there will be more variety in map picking, which in my opinion will add more fun to the game and the expanded variety allows the players to grow more. This means there would be no need for disabling the 3 least played maps either.
2017-08-25 15:14 
Well the new players in generally dislike bigger and more complicated maps. I feel the pool should include all sorts and like it says in the announcement, if you pick it for a CW it should be fine.

Whereas if you pick it for a ladder, you are probably supremely confident that there is a big skill differential between you and the opposing team (on BBlair at least), or you don't care about the result and want to play it anyway emo
2017-08-25 14:07 
It used to be one of the most played maps together with JE, Semi and Distopia for many years before the ladder existed. I can't recall many people hating it, but maybe that doesn't go for newer players.
Jelly Jam
2017-08-24 17:54 
But I thought everyone hates bblair emo
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