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MAPPOOL FINISHED! 2019-02-28 21:02 | Vivando
The mappool voting round 2 has concluded last night, with the following results (Map name: vote count):

Water CTF: 0
Best CTF Party Good Luck: 1
Frontier Falls: 2
BloodBunny's Lair: 3
Facing Worlds: 2
Starlit CTF: 3
Unconventional Coffee: 1
Medieval Skyscrapers: 2
Painted Garden: 1
Price of Admission: 0
Carrot Farm: 2

Superconductor CTF: 1
Butrinti: 2
The Astrolabe: 2
Distopia: 2
Orbital IV: 2
Daybreak: 1
Dusk v4: 0

Jungle’s Edge: 4
Galactic Warfare: 3
Daybreak: 4

This resulted in...
Addition of the maps: Frontier Falls, BloodBunny's Lair (JJnet), Facing Worlds, Starlit CTF, Medieval Skyscrapers and Carrot Farm.
Removal of the maps: Butrinti, The Astrolabe, Distopia and Orbital IV.
The following maps are now 3v3+ only: Daybreak, Galactic Warfare and Jungle’s Edge.

The mappool is now set ready for the next season. You can view it here.

However, Carrot Farm has been requested for optimization in graphics, due to the lower FPS rates in that level, which might cause issues for players playing on slower PCs. For now use the current version.

Thanks to every clan for voting! The mappool should now be more democratically formed than ever! What are your thoughts?

Once again, here are all the votes in literal form:

[1:47 AM] Jelly Ja?: ADD: NOTHING
REMOVE: ezorb, xlmbut, Distopia, elmsuper

We agree on the change to make gw, olcjunge and ezdaybreak 3v3 only.
[2:02 AM] Jelly Ja?: oH and if Best CTF Party Good Luck gets in we'd want to make it 3v3 only due to complexity

[8:23 PM] SJ: Meanwhile, -t3> votes: ADD Frontier Falls, BloodBunny's Lair, Starlit CTF, Medieval Skyscrapers
[8:24 PM] SJ: REMOVE: Butrinti, The Astrolabe
[8:29 PM] SJ: Also, we agree with CX'es suggestions

[[2:18 AM] Ragnarok: Add: Farm bblair ff face paint
Remove: Disto

[8:49 PM] Napsu: in: starlit,olccoffee and ms
out: nothing

[3:25 AM] Hammel: ok so far we would like to add:
- Best CTF Party Good Luck
- Facing Worlds
- BBlair
- Starlit CTF
- Carrot Farm

and we will remove:
- Obital IV
- Daybreak
- The Astrolabe

and we agree on JE and Daybreak (if this stays in) being 3v3, but we don't approve on GW being 3v3.
2019-03-02 13:19 
also, probably late now but i think dos should be 2v2-able too

and also i propose increase the win-cap by 1.5x, and make wins award 3 instead of 2

Edited: 2019-03-02 19:00 by Ragnarok
2019-03-02 08:22 
CDF actually picked it quite frequently until GpW vetoed it. My previous comment doesn't get less valid if the past becomes less distant btw...
2019-03-01 20:05 
Bblair was in the mappool in the prev season, though got rarely picked.
So feels like forever, but it was only for a couple of months
2019-03-01 19:33 
Our current votes > the past imo
2019-03-01 19:10 
Don't worry Rag, your suggestion wasn't missed or ignored. It's just a rule suggestion that isn't related to the mappool itself, hence I would announce rule changes in another newspost. emo

Well Jelly Jam, after all we don't want to follow the same patterns forever but we want to try new, better ways to refresh the ladder and its mappool. Removing the top-3 played maps together with clan votes wouldn't have been a good fit together with the clan votes, which would likely cause the removal of some of the "overplayed" maps anyway. emo

And what comes to the version of BBLair, to be honest, it has been so long since it was in the mappool the last time, that I don't remember what was its last status. emo However, the JJnet version is still listed in the change list below the mappool, so considering that, the JJnet version should be the one used by default. At least it fixes a part of the annoying balance issues. Of course you can still agree with your opponent to play in the original one if you want to.

Edited: 2019-03-01 19:11 by Vivando
2019-03-01 17:04 

****ing LOL!!!
2019-03-01 16:48 
schizophrenia is a common disease. one day you want new maps into mappool then another day u vote for removals.
2019-03-01 15:56 
All of the contest entries were voted out emo
2019-03-01 13:03 
Well i'd actually like if the regular BBLair gets rid of that spawn pos
I know that during a CW the clans have the opportunity to play on both teams,but it's pretty stupid the fact that a clan might win cause they got lucky with the spawn pos and recap than the other team did in the previous round
2019-03-01 11:03 
'cuz Ive seen enough ugly purple last season with ezspark.'

do u know u could change pal to ugly grey
or ugly blue

tbh i dont find it ugly

also regular bblair pls not the jjnet version

regular bblair gets played more often
2019-03-01 10:09 
Imo the bblair version with the jj.net 'ammo boxes' should be in the mappool, not the eye destroying purple one. Also people are more in favour of having more maps I guess, thats why the 3 most played ones arent removed anymore.

7 maps removed, 3 made 3v3 only and 8 maps added in total. Could have been better, but at least I like the mix of maps that are in now IF the normal bblair version is added cuz Ive seen enough ugly purple last season with ezspark.

When does the new season start?
2019-03-01 00:28 
Dunno I always thought removing the top 3 was a bit annoying... Why deny ppl of what they want?
Jelly Jam
2019-03-01 00:24 
So is there any explanation to why Scrapyard, Wicked Wood and Epitome are still in the pool even though they were the 3 most played maps of last season and thus should've been disabled, like it's always been done with the 3 most played maps of the season?

And why is jjnetctfbblair the version of Bloodybunny's Lair that's in the mappool? No one stated that they wanted that version in the pool instead of the original. Wasn't this version deprecated in season 11, in favor of the rule that allows a team to choose their color on the opponent's map? The original stayed in season 12 and was even picked in a clanwar, so I don't see why it suddenly has to be replaced.
2019-02-28 23:41 
Part of my first vote message to SJ was (accidentally?) missed out so I thought I'd share my thoughts here:

"Additionally, we would like it if in ladders there’s no more of this “u challenged u pick first” bull****, and instead both maps are selected before a match, to reduce stall gameplay."

With a mappool where at least half of them are stall maps (at least for 3v3) this applies doubly now.

Edited: 2019-03-01 00:14 by Ragnarok
2019-02-28 23:23 
you would have to delete 3/4 of the maps
2019-02-28 23:18 
We just wanne make cx looose the seaaason
2019-02-28 23:17 
Edit: to out srry drunk me

Edited: 2019-02-28 23:17 by Loon
2019-02-28 22:58 
Nice. tho for next time i suggest some sort of explanation why each clan want to add/remove choosed maps. Now it looked like every clan wanted to have more "vetos" than to actually optimize mappool. I thought that everyone agreed mappool consists of too low amount of maps and overall is quite boring. Eventually we added 1 map emo
2019-02-28 21:06 
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