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By: ThunDer, in: CX Internship SchemeClan talk 2019-05-11 12:46
Keep up the good work. ;-)
By: Ragnarok, in: CX Internship SchemeClan talk 2019-05-10 23:05
Thank you for your query once again, We prefer ...
By: Jelly Jam, in: CX Internship SchemeClan talk 2019-05-09 12:02
whichever will it be
By: Loon, in: CX Internship SchemeClan talk 2019-05-09 11:03
bobs and vagene
By: Ragnarok, in: CX Internship SchemeClan talk 2019-05-06 01:03
it did make me chuckle tho i-) Ragnarok CEO C...
Ladder Season 14 Begins! 2019-03-01 20:05 | Vivando
The 14th edition of JJnet ladder starts now! Together with the season start comes a couple of rule changes:

Regarding final/bronze match rules:

§6.2.2 In order to let clans prepare for this, the clans have to announce their new veto level(s) during the invitation phase to the final matches. Should a clan decline their invitation, the invitation phase will extend as a new clan is invited and the clans whose expected opponents change may still change their veto levels until the new deadline.

This rule was changed to prevent clans from delaying with their map vetos until just one day before the CW.

Regarding rules for normal matches:

§3 In the standard case, in which two maps are played, both teams choose one map each before the game starts. The challenging team announces their map choice first by default, unless agreed otherwise.
$3.1 The challenged team has the right to choose the map order.

This rule was changed so that the challenged clan would no longer have such a big advantage in normal matches with the ability to choose a map based on the result of the first round, after it has been played. This should also optimize the time spent on map picking, since both clans need to choose their maps simultaneously. However, the challenging clan is expected to still announce their map first and the challenged clan may choose the map order, if they want to.

With that said, we wish you all good luck!
2019-03-01 20:18 
SJ for president

GL HF all
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