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Match: CX vs -t3>
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flag CodeX vs teNaciTy 3 flag
Player amount:3on3
Date:2012-02-17 22:15
Score details:dw -> 3:1, , BBswing -> 1:3
CX picked dw
-t3> picked BBswing

2012-02-18 14:04 
Urbs, if cooba hates someone, he hates him. Nothing can be changed there. Btw, Anubis made my day :'D

@Afiiko: Who the hell told you CC doesn't want to play ladders AGAINST YOU? I will kill that son of a *****. I guess someone said something to you, but you got it wrong.

Edited: 2012-02-18 14:06 by Toni
2012-02-18 13:03 
I remember how Cooba used to loath this community (as opposed to the good ol' days of his lil pond, the J2O).
If I didn't know better, I'd say you fit right in with the rest of us here coobaemo

Or was that a statement against censorship?emo
With such an esteemed member of the inteligentsia one never can be sure what is being said, what with your aptness for metaphores and symbolism I'm sure I must have simply overlooked something - me being a mere warrior bunny, nothing compared to your grand editorial self.

But then again, who knows, maybe some of our greatness will rub off on all of us? One can surely hope!

With that being said, I would ask you to be a little bit nicer to young Iustin, he still has much to learn, and I have no doubt he could gain a lot from a mentor such as yourself. You see the poor young soul has spent far too much time in the company of our old warteam, and I fear we are not the best of influence for a young man such as himself. It is only in my failings as a mentor that the student sometimes makes rash and crude observations about the ladder situation (which must be puzzling to the young one, seeing as how he has problems with maths!).

I wouldn't dare to presume to advise you, but I heard from a reliable source that one of the JDC officials (some sort of DBZ nut, good riddence I say!) was let go last year. I bet young Iustin would make you proud if you gave him the post, given half the chance, I'm sure his prowess would surprise us all.

It's just that, well you see, we're a traditional clan, meaning we're not big on the whole idea of a welfare clan, so most of our cubs have to go out in the world alone. We're a very Darwinian institution. And you see Iustin, being a poor young black cub, could use some affirmative action to get ahead in the world.

Oh please please Mr. Cooba, give poor Iustin a chance to make a better rabbit of himself! Let him live the dream! Sir I beg of you, help him, for my sake!

Edited: 2012-02-18 13:20 by [GpW]Urbs
2012-02-18 12:41 
Iustyn, t3 is only clan who want to play ladders with us. emo
2012-02-18 12:40 
sometimes things have to be said
2012-02-18 12:20 

verry verry Xd,,
2012-02-18 12:11 
I didn't insult u u ****ing idiot emoemo
I like how a moderator calls people idiots.
2012-02-18 11:59 
Iustyn, chill out... emo
2012-02-18 11:40 
dear cooba
1:i didnt insult u
2:suck my ****
2012-02-18 11:35 
Dear Iustyn:

1. CX challenged t3 and the cw will happen on March 3rd. It's not added because Rag was too dumb to make a team manager account.
2. Go **** yourself you massive retard.

Pick one.

Edited: 2012-02-18 11:39 by cooba
2012-02-18 10:57 
i like when moti gets pissed off and comment bull****s about me emo
2012-02-18 10:56 
i like how iustyn talks bs without knowing anything about stuff and how hes so confident with that what makes him look more idiotic

Edited: 2012-02-18 10:57 by i:m
2012-02-18 08:26 
i like how t3 almost won this season but cx doesnt care,they dont challenge them for a cw but still ladder them and give points
i thought u want to win the season emo
2012-02-18 01:10 
this fake no stats ban 'em all emo
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