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Match: -t3> vs CX
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flag teNaciTy 3 vs CodeX flag
Player amount:3on3
Date:2012-05-18 01:00
Score details:JE -> 1:3, , SBV2 -> 2:0
-t3> picked JE
CX picked SBV2

2012-05-18 11:43 
Man does moti just pwn or what? emo
2012-05-18 01:09 
in round 1 i missed 3 scores just infront of my nose, but in return we got 1 score simply cuz i killed jjb due to the fact that his seekers didnt hit me at all at the end. in sbv2 we started playing but i got 999+ several times and cj got behind me. i was running at the base and saw rag appear right before me, he was ctoin as well.. and then moti disconnected and couldnt even get back in. She had to restart PC. T3 was kind enough to actually reset the game, tnx for that, but i kinda just wanted to get it over with the 2nd round, we w8ted too long and i often kept having 999+. Gg

Edited: 2012-05-18 01:10 by King
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