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Match: RDS vs [CDF]
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flag Rabbitkind Defense Squad vs Civilian Defence Force flag
Player amount:2on2
Date:2012-08-16 16:55
Score details:Epitome -> 12:6, , BBlair -> 1:3
RDS picked Epitome
[CDF] picked BBlair

2012-08-19 19:36 
I was already against it from the start and I said so too.
That CDF is only losing matches atm doesnt mean that we aren't doing something to improve.
It wont be merging with a clan like t3 or Cx and claiming victory afterwards.
If I was jealous, I would have joined a stronger clan already.
The comments from the RDS members werent very useful btw.
2012-08-17 18:07 
heb je bijna vakantie op de vrijdag ga je ziek naar huis , stort je 4 uur later inelkaar op de wc wow wat een begin emo
2012-08-17 17:25 
Last season when RDS was way less active, nobody complained about anything.
NOW as they played the most ladders and are first on the table, someone has to say something against merging.
Get real dude. emo
2012-08-17 16:28 
Jealous MS (A)
2012-08-17 14:03 
RDS wins.

Then MS complains about RDS being "unfair" because "CC is capable of playing ladder matches on it's own". Further I have to note the team that beat CDF, as well as rush these ladders, consists solely of CC members.

So tell me, exactly why is this unfair? aEs, a clan with few active members makes an alliance with CC, a clan that was also a bit inactive at the time but is way stronger than aEs.
aEs gets a chance to play some ladders along with CC members, CC gets some new members of decent strength (and nub me :p) to have a slightly bigger (active) team.

Why is this unfair? What exactly are we doing that Cx or t3 haven't done to a larger extent? Rushing ladders? nope. Too much members who play ladders? nope. far from it.

"aes might be as well and if not they will just have to find other alternatives, just like CDF."
Like falling into decay? No thanks.

"CC is very capable (especially with Lahm, Ius, Kyro, Anna) to play ladder matches on their own."
Sorry, but are you to dense to realize THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY'RE DOING? Only under the name RDS, which includes a few people from aes who hardly ladder, and are weaker than the active CC members.

Please tell me why this is so unfair compaired to Cx/t3, because you kinda lost me there...
2012-08-17 13:28 
It is enough ,Iustyn.Had Cx or t3,even GpW more than 6-7 players to win the season?
2012-08-17 12:09 
Other alternatives, as in, playing a TB league no one bothers showing up in? Recruiting normal people in an age everyone swarms to CX and t3? Recruiting everyone else? I'm sorry, but we do not base our team on clanhoppers, unlike some do. Newbies we recruit and train leave for CX/t3 anyway. Or maybe the alternative you mean is going inactive, like you? Exactly the scenario without RDS.

I fail to see CDF recruiting useful members. That's usually the case with aEs too, thanks to the community's mindset "join the strongest clan or you suck". Some of our most respected members temporarily/permanently left JJ2 because of what the community has turned into, pretty much the same case as with you.

But we don't whine about other clans' members. We don't request for example CX to dissolve because they have a lot of active good players. We don't request t3 to give up on JJB and Kev. You just don't ask for such things, even if it's an alliance that matters. The ladder rules are perfectly fine on it. CC's new members joined it after the alliance started up (mainly for the reasons I stated before). So, calm down and try to work on improving your clan's skills instead of bringing down the alliance. emo
2012-08-17 10:43 
i agree with urbs tbh...
also checking the rds's squad i cant count more than 6,7 active players which isnt that much
also the played ladders were many but most of them played by the same little group(me,lahm,kyro,anna).
anyway once school starts ms,make sure rds wont be anymore so active emo

Edited: 2012-08-17 10:45 by Iustyn
2012-08-17 09:39 
well so was gpw 5 days ago, and cx a couple of months ago and t3 as well.

Don't get all panicky cuz they play a lot lately.

Besides, since they don't count their losses as being CC's, I don't count their victories as being CC's - so it's like they're doing all the hard work and if they win they won't even get the medal - RDS will. Unless ofc the rules suddenly change - I am sure they won't!!!
2012-08-17 09:13 
CC and aes 'merged' because they couldn't play enough ladder matches on their own.
Now RDS is leading by many.
Imo this is unfair competition and many people, also some from RDS, agree with me.
CC is very capable (especially with Lahm, Ius, Kyro, Anna) to play ladder matches on their own.
Aes might be as well and if not they will just have to find other alternatives, just like CDF.
A few days ago I looked at the played matches and I saw RDS listed 10 times in a row.
2012-08-16 18:17 
Thanks to this ladder, RDS has reached a perfect ladder score!

GJ teammates!
2012-08-16 18:06 
timing >D
2012-08-16 17:18 
We had a lead in epitome.
But then, Im 1, kill Anna only not on her screen. Kyro kills sasori and I die gg.
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