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Match: -t3> vs RDS
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flag teNaciTy 3 vs Rabbitkind Defense Squad flag
Player amount:2on2
Date:2013-04-16 17:00
Score details:Galactic Warfare -> 7:2, , Epitome -> 3:7
-t3> picked Galactic Warfare
RDS picked Epitome

2013-04-16 19:17 
We were absolutely better off at a more horizontal map like epitome where it's easier to hit someone. We had more bouncer pu there because of the right colour, and it's actually possible to gain control during the round. We also had a good start which helped.

2v2 GW was different, we were absolutely chancless there without bouncer pu. And it so happened we had a bad start, blckrosz and CJ both had that pu and we were not allowed to get it the rest of the match. (also only 10 min game).

Because it covers basically all area's you want to go to. Your own base, carrot.. Heck, even standing R with normal bouncer pickups couldn't help, because you would both get it somehow due lag. And what do you do when you're N/A and 1 in 2v2 GW? Well... you can't really afford that because it's impossible to take C with continious air strike of bouncers, and it's hard to escape base as R. They got a nice lead and we scored some too in the end, but it was simply not enough. Nice domination there (and more training) from t3 in GW. Smart pick overall from t3. I feel this was the only map pick where they could lock us down this hard.

From the little 2v2 GW i played in the past, it always kind of went like this you win or lose massively. I prefer this map much more at 3v3 (because more stable r and enemy base control from both sides). Just like more of those maps (like WW) are not suited for 2v2, GW isn't much either in my opinion.

Edited: 2013-04-16 19:24 by FawFuL
2013-04-16 18:05 
They picked GW in the re and I guess that was a smart pick. Their ping being lower than ours (and don't go *****ing at the ping shown in the screenshots here) made them unhittable at slopes for us basically so they got massive control. We managed to come back in Epitome (6-0) but then lost control in the last 2 minutes of the game. They quickly scored 3x in 1 minute. The last score didn't matter anymore.

Not bad games all in all considering the long time we've been inactive.

Edited: 2013-04-16 18:07 by Vegito
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