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Match: CX vs -t3>
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flag CodeX vs teNaciTy 3 flag
Player amount:2on2
Date:2013-10-03 17:30
Score details:Epitome -> 3:6, , Technodus CS -> 5:1
CX picked Epitome
-t3> picked Technodus CS

2013-10-03 19:03 
In the first round Krzysiek kept struggling with his persistently unstable connection, resulting in sudden lag bursts to the detriment of all of us, and other weird incidents, CX' flag holder suddenly appearing on our base being only one of them. However, after a while we managed to assert a decent carrot control and successfully prevented our opponents from scoring.

Br and I spent 3 whole minutes contemplating on the level choice, completely forgetting about tcs' susceptibility to air hits and lag. Meanwhile, Krzysiek managed to fix his connection and thus was able to perform more solidly than before. They made two rushed scores in the beginning, mainly owing to my lack of defending measures. Afterwards I somehow became increasingly lethargic and unfocused - a tendency that would assume its final form in the following game...

Edited: 2013-10-03 19:06 by Plumbe
2013-10-03 18:05 
Nice suicide pick, 12 and freund emo
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