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Match: RA vs TM
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flag Rabbit Alliance vs Tuxmasters flag
Player amount:3on3
Date:2010-05-01 18:00
Score details:Semi -> 5:2, , BBlair -> 5:2
This was a CW!
RA: 4 points.
TM: -2 points.

2010-05-03 16:40 
I meant CWs not LM.
2010-05-03 16:37 
Looks good.

Boone, i think CC is pretty active playing too. Just not as much as RA is.
2010-05-03 16:30 
That's kinda curious, but whatever.
2010-05-02 16:03 
2010-05-02 13:10 
And here's the screen with players on bblair


2010-05-02 13:08 
I don't direct that to you, Viv. In fact you are the one who completed his job in 100% because u were supposed to turn up and you did that. (as you say, it wasn't intended that Enigma and MS would play) I'm just kinda annoyed by the fact that our team cancels/postpones other things in order to play clanwar and TM team is not complete... If you aren't sure that somebody will play, you can always postpone the match again.
2010-05-02 12:36 
Anyway it was nice to play ClanWar, nowadays only We are playing.
2010-05-02 12:24 
Well, the postponing was just because we weren't sure if the intended team could make it that day and I wasn't available as a backup since I had to work that weekend. Didn't have anything to do with respect really. As to where our intended line-up was: please don't ask, we honestly do not know =P
2010-05-02 11:42 
I wonder are you aiming everything you say at me. I am pretty sure I gave all my effort to get my main teammates to play, but I couldn't just conjure them out of nowhere, when they failed my expectations to show up when needed.

I agree there was surely enough time to prepare, but that's not really the point here. There could have been thrice as much time, and still the case would be the same if my teammates are spontaneously gone for whatever reasons.

That way we ended up playing with a team that had barely practised playing together at all. Considering that the result is satisfying at least. Better than not playing at all.
2010-05-02 11:14 
Robee, also 10% of our hits on you were registered...
We need to be S and R more and prevent the opponent from being S and R, we had many flagholder kills, but they instandly recaptured. Still I think we did all we could with this team. In Djazzy's server it was only 1-2 on Bblair.
2010-05-02 10:56 
The clanwar was really disorganised. Firstly we were waiting 30 minutes for TM. As Boone said, you had 40 days to get ready, you even postponed the cw a week later and when it comes to play and only one player who was supposed to play is online I think it's no respect for opponents. What's more, after the half of first round DJazz crashed, and we moved to the server where 10% of my hits are registered so I was just helpless and unable to roast somebody, I had to just focus on scoring. Still gg, the win in CW is always good.

Edited: 2010-05-02 10:59
2010-05-01 23:00 
TM had 40 days to get ready for this CW, you can complain only about your warteam, Snz and PJ were afk or whatever.

We were ready, well prepared, host wasnt fine, even first one was lagging for me.

As SJ said at least they didn't forfeit.

Sort of disappointing and frustrating I agree, Fenriz shouldnt pick Djazz as a hoster.

Anyway third CW against TM and third win.
2010-05-01 21:54 
Actually this match didn't feel like a cw one bit. It somehow lacked all the atmosphere due to many reasons. One being that the 2 players who were supposed to play here were gone unexpectably. Sort of disappointing and frustrating, but at least we didn't forfeit. Another reason was the host issue which pretty much affected the outcome. Everything was fine in DJazzy's server until somebody crashed his internet and he was gone too. So we had to settle with a secondary and pretty much worse host in this case.
2010-05-01 20:12 
Horrible game.. DJazz's server was way smoother. Unfortunately he crashed so we had to continue playing in... Zeal Server. BG, once again I'd say.
2010-05-01 20:02 
Heh, opinions about the goodness of the game seem to be divided in the second screenshot emo Pretty nice game, just a shame that our strongest players had suddenly disappeared off the face of the Earth.
2010-05-01 19:53 
Nice ClanWar but a little to laggy on DZ server, On Djazz was fine but He keeps ctoing and crashing, I could have done it better, but whatever gg..
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