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By: Hope, in: Get to know other jj2 players « JJ2 related2017-07-24 20:09
I scored 4 points in my best match! Two shots, bo...
By: Jelly Jam, in: Get to know other jj2 players « JJ2 related2017-07-24 02:14
I played for my class too! In 8th grade, we played...
By: Hope, in: Get to know other jj2 players « JJ2 related2017-07-23 21:48
Hi everyone, Hope here, though nowadays I use the ...
By: Jelly Jam, in: Get to know other jj2 players « JJ2 related2017-07-23 16:15
Well I played JJ1 but it's not on my old games lis...

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By: Hope, in: Get to know other jj2 playersJJ2 related2017-07-24 20:09
I scored 4 points in my best match! Two shots, both went in emo My job was to steal the ball from the enemy and quickly pass it to a kid who's better at aiming.
Our best result was 3rd place at the competition but I'm not sure if we actually got the medals because we got into a fistfight with another team in the changing room. emo I swear we didn't start it
By: Jelly Jam, in: Get to know other jj2 playersJJ2 related2017-07-24 02:14
I played for my class too! In 8th grade, we played versus another one. They let me in the game for like 4 minutes and I barely even touched the ball , we lost 28 pts diffirence emo. That's what you get when you play with selfish ppl. what can I say! I did block someone's shot though, I remember.

actually even the 7th-graders had a stronger teams than ours. We didn't play versus them, thank God.
By: Hope, in: Get to know other jj2 playersJJ2 related2017-07-23 21:48
Hi everyone, Hope here, though nowadays I use the name Niel. I'm from Hungary and I'll be a 22 years old pony in august.

JJ2 was one of the first games I've ever played, some kids at school introduced me to it and we used to play split screen multi all the time. I didn't even know about the online part until I accidentally pressed enter at the wrong time around 2009. (I'd like to mention that pretty much nothing I said before 2013 counts because I was a very stupid and very confused teen)

Anyway, nowadays I play Dark Souls 3, Dragon Age Inquisition, Final Fantasy XV, Hitman, Last of Us, Assassin's Creed Syndicate and I ocassionally visit JJ2, usually in the evenings (CET).

I don't have any cool hobbies, though I sometimes write novels and short stories (that I'm too afraid to publish anywhere) and just do random things like design space shuttles and invent new mathematical formulas to make some tedious calculations easier. You know, just average stuff. emo

Just to continue the conversation, I used to play basketball too! For some unknown reason I ended up in the school team despite my height (164 right now and it seems that I might still gain a few centimetres!). It was fun especially when the opponents underestimated me. emo

Oh and don't worry Jelly, you can't be worse than me at CS. emo
By: Jelly Jam, in: Get to know other jj2 playersJJ2 related2017-07-23 16:15
Well I played JJ1 but it's not on my old games list. Actually I think JJ2 is the only 2D platformer out of all my childhood games.

These aren't as old as those games however. I have much more of them but these are the first that come to mind:

Need For Speed Porche
Moorhuhn Kart XXL (my very first game!)
Neighbours from hell 1 and 2
Dont Angry
Zuma Deluxe
Mummy Maze Deluxe
Heavy Weapon
Chicken Invaders 1 and 2
Counter Strike 1.6
Pocket Tanks (cant forget this one since there was a bug i really liked to abuse lol)

Moorhuhn is a german series of games. The moorhuhn community was as small as the Jazz one but a few days ago I found out that the major moorhuhn fan site got closed sadly. Played all of the 4 racing games but this very first one will always be my favorite. I have a lot more Moorhuhn games but they are less fun.

Mummy Maze, Zuma and Heavy Weapon are from PopCap games, the guys that made Plants vs Zombies!

NFS Porche was my first NFS game. I even have a racing wheel for it! I played more games from the series, including the most popular one, NFS Most Wanted, but I still think Porche is better!

AirStrike2's some helicopter game. Never thought of playing AirStrike1 though, lol.

I dont play CS 1.6 online because no one wants to talk. Besides I'm so bad that even bots kill me with ease lol.

I got all of these games from some guy we bought the computer from, except Madagascar, which i begged my parents to buy lol. He gave me a bunch of CDs, and Jazz2 was on one of them! They werent oficial CDs or Jewel Cases sadly. I dont know if he actually bought these or just pirated them. Back then I was 4.

But anyway, I got them all for free and I'm still happy! Thanks to him I played like 60 games lol.

Also you'd win the 1vs1 because there's a diffirence between playing bad in Europe and playing bad in America. emo
By: KRSplatinum, in: Get to know other jj2 playersJJ2 related2017-07-23 02:06
Yo jelly jam. Ty for posting. Cool that you ball, I'm curious as to if we played 1 on 1 who would win haha. Btw, what other games do or did you used to play? I remember when I started playing JJ1 I got OMF demo from Epic too and also Hocus Pocus was a nice game back then. Commander Keen too really wow. I haven't played those games in decades. I wonder if these are some of the old games you like, as they are very connected to JJ2.
By: Jelly Jam, in: Get to know other jj2 playersJJ2 related2017-07-22 17:53
I'm Jelly Jam. Nikola is my real name. I mostly play Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and some other old games simply because they remind me of the good times when I was a little kid, but I also play relatively new games. This summer I've been playing mostly the old games, including Jazz Jackrabbit 2, having fun in Jazz Creation Station and even preparing a big J2O release for September!

I'll be 18 in September and like Splat I too play basketball, and I'm kind of bad as well, I'm not really athletic or fast, but I'm good at shooting hoops, even from far distances. I too like it how the game brings ppl together, however my teammates often get pissed. I play the game because it's fun.

I'm from Serbia and the town I live in is Cacak. My ancestors were from Herzegovina, however (my mother's side was near Dubrovnik and my father's side was from the modern day Montenegrin part).

My favorite sports team is Red Star Belgrade.

Only one year of high school left.

That's about it lol.
By: KRSplatinum, in: Get to know other jj2 playersJJ2 related2017-07-22 03:45
Hi, I thought it'd be a good idea to see if anyone's left, I mean sorry to see what ppl r doing nd what their lives r like! Please if ure intetested, tell the board about yourself. That is the purpose of this thread, I will start.

I am Splat, have played jazz jackrabbit practically since it came out. I am kinda inactive from gaming in general but jazz always has the sweet spot in my heart (read: did not play any duels today) However on these hot summer days I have been doing other things for fun such as play basketball and working on music.

I can be bad at basketball in my old age (25) but my talent is not giving up. I just love how the game, brings ppl together. Also, I am from the USA, my home state is Maryland.

My music is also fun, I make rap beats, also play piano and bass, and learning more about mixing, if you are interested to hear some new pieces, I can link you something.

Your turn, how would you describe yourself as an individual? If you're reading this i wanna know. If u didnt read any of this, u better fucking start now. Thank you.
By: Jelly Jam, in: Rate the songForum games2017-07-21 19:07
Chingon - Malagueña Salerosa

And for the record I have no idea what he's saying. Just like most of the people that listen to Despacito.
By: KRSplatinum, in: Clan historyClan talk2017-07-17 14:36
my clan history on JJ2..

until 2005: can't remember really, I was too young and there's nothing really significant here even if there are a clan or two I forgot about
2005: I was in a small clan called [kr3w], an American clan that lasted only a few months
2006-2011: was a member of semi-idle [si], not the most active of times for me on JJ2
2011-2012: left [si] to join the more active -t3>, at this point I started playing ladders after being around JJ2 more
2013-2014: I was in CDF, I left and rejoined maybe once or twice during that time though
2014-2015: started Calm, some ppl joined but eventually I disbanded Calm clan after little clan activity
2016-2017: have been in CC for about a year I guess now

By: Jelly Jam, in: Clan historyClan talk2017-07-17 02:21

-fB> (2015-2016)
[GpW] (2016- )

And I remembered to post my new clan here! Loyal as fk emo
By: Pariah, in: Funniest moments!Forum games2017-07-06 09:26
[00:16:06] *** Red Team scored a point
[00:16:24] *** DawidPracki012 captured the flag
[00:16:28] *** P-F[Gpw] captured the flag
[00:16:37] DawidPracki012: !stop
[00:16:38] Game has been STOPPED
[00:16:39] DawidPracki012: wait
[00:16:40] DawidPracki012* has morphed to Lori!
[00:16:43] DawidPracki012: !start
[00:16:43] Game has been STARTED
[00:16:48] DawidPracki012: when i lori
[00:16:56] you roasted DawidPracki012
[00:16:56] DawidPracki012 lost the Red Flag
[00:17:00] DawidPracki012: i hate lori
[00:17:01] DawidPracki012: !stop
[00:17:01] Game has been STOPPED
[00:17:03] DawidPracki012 has morphed to Jazz!
By: Jelly Jam, in: Mappool suggestions for season 12Improving rules2017-06-29 23:31
Here's that level of mine in case someone's wondering, maybe it's good enough. emo
By: Loon, in: Mappool suggestions for season 12Improving rules2017-06-19 00:29
What about some sort of contest for new mappool levels?
By: Jelly Jam, in: Mappool suggestions for season 12Improving rules2017-06-18 23:58
Well the previous mappool suggestions thread was closed so might as well start a new one.

Okay so JE, Distopia and GW should return and Epitome and WW are out. Might as well consider adding some new maps like Fauztinville (w/e the spelling) and Toilet Town. Those two were the first to pop into my head. I also think Cooba's map "The price of admission" is good enough. And I'm making a 3vs3 map too!

Alright so those are my suggestions for now. emo

Ideas, anyone? And please don't talk about the clan inactivity here. The whole point of this thread is to keep it all going!

EDIT: And maybe remove Scrapyard considering it was the 3rd most played map last season, and bring it back in the next one. Maybe we can raise the JCS activity by organizing one of those mappool contests?
By: Pariah, in: Funniest moments!Forum games2017-04-22 02:49
[06:30:20] *** ShakerNL captured the flag
[06:30:20] PJ CC: outgrown is FS' best battle level since ARF
[06:30:24] -t3>CJ: how do you eeven control MIRV
[06:30:26] PJ CC: imo
[06:30:27] *** SAMI captured the flag
[06:30:30] SAMI: help
[06:30:31] cooba[si]: you aim up and fire
[06:30:33] [P-F[Gpw]]: R
[06:30:40] [SAMI]: 3
[06:30:41] cooba[si]: and hope it kills somebody on the way down
[06:30:44] -t3>CJ: Xd
[06:30:46] PJ CC: that being said I did like TS a lot too
[06:30:50] FawFuLCC: cooba I don't care if you say solo or not
[06:30:52] VegitoCC: it shoots left/right too
[06:30:54] cooba[si]: lmao
[06:30:56] [P-F[Gpw]]: nr
[06:30:57] FawFuLCC: for me - its
[06:31:03] -t3>CJ: ah
[06:31:07] cooba[si]: where is crazyrabbit anyway
[06:31:10] cooba[si]: in colony?
[06:31:11] you got roasted by ShakerNL
[06:31:11] ShakerNL is on a KILLING SPREE!
[06:31:17] [P-F[Gpw]]: esn
[06:31:21] -t3>CJ: so it's an aoe hit
[06:31:22] PJ CC: I heard he tried to avoid service or something
[06:31:23] [SAMI]: 3
[06:31:25] cooba[si]: lol
[06:31:26] VegitoCC: lol
[06:31:26] *** ShakerNL roasted Tropicalicus[NC]2007
[06:31:27] FawFuLCC: zoro
[06:31:28] [SAMI]: kill e
[06:31:28] -t3>CJ: that explains
[06:31:29] FawFuLCC: xP
[06:31:29] -t3>CJ: xd
[06:31:40] [SAMI]: kill E
[06:31:41] VegitoCC: emo
[06:31:41] cooba[si]: fawful u think u're cool with ur "web words"
[06:31:42] -t3>CJ: emo
[06:31:43] cooba[si]: like pwned
[06:31:43] [P-F[Gpw]]: Es2
[06:31:47] *** -t3>CJ roasted PJ CC
[06:31:47] you got roasted by ShakerNL
[06:31:48] [SAMI]: s 3
[06:31:48] -t3>CJ: YES
[06:31:51] [P-F[Gpw]]: nsn
[06:31:53] [P-F[Gpw]]: Ns
[06:32:02] ShakerNL: S3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!|!|!|!|!
[06:32:05] [SAMI]: ready to score, kill E asap
[06:32:07] [SAMI]: 2
[06:32:07] cooba[si]: wat
[06:32:11] [P-F[Gpw]]: Nr
[06:32:13] ShakerNL: attack :C
[06:32:17] *** SAMI roasted cooba[si]
[06:32:18] VegitoCC: we are
[06:32:20] *** VegitoCC roasted PJ CC
[06:32:25] [P-F[Gpw]]: e1
[06:32:25] cooba[si]: nah 2lazy B-)
[06:32:27] VegitoCC: it just takes a bit
[06:32:28] PJ CC: vegito has established a nest
[06:32:42] PJ CC: too bad it's not raven
[06:32:46] PJ CC: or that would be funnier to say
[06:32:47] PJ CC: emo
[06:32:51] [SAMI]: kill E
[06:32:54] you got roasted by ShakerNL
[06:32:57] [P-F[Gpw]]: ns
[06:32:57] *** SAMI roasted -t3>CJ
[06:32:59] VegitoCC: in fact, emperor would work too
[06:33:00] cooba[si]: raven has established a fat shit
[06:33:09] [P-F[Gpw]]: c
[06:33:11] [PJ CC]: e2
[06:33:13] [SAMI]: 3
[06:33:15] [PJ CC]: E1
[06:33:16] [PJ CC]: 2
[06:33:19] *** ShakerNL roasted PJ CC
[06:33:23] [SAMI]: kill E immeadiately
[06:33:30] [PJ CC]: e2nc
[06:33:36] [P-F[Gpw]]: e1
[06:33:37] [PJ CC]: bt
[06:33:40] [PJ CC]: r
[06:33:41] [PJ CC]: rt
[06:33:45] *** Tropicalicus[NC]2007 roasted -t3>CJ
[06:33:50] [PJ CC]: 2
[06:33:55] [SAMI]: 3
[06:33:59] [NY00123]: e3
[06:34:02] *** ShakerNL roasted PJ CC
[06:34:02] ShakerNL is on a RAMPAGE!
[06:34:08] PJ CC: I love how the roller
[06:34:08] [P-F[Gpw]]: es1
[06:34:13] [SAMI]: kill E
[06:34:15] PJ CC: just seems perfectly at home in this level
[06:34:15] cooba[si]: roller pu rolls up walls btw
[06:34:15] [SAMI]: now
[06:34:15] [P-F[Gpw]]: E1
[06:34:22] [SAMI]: kill E now
[06:34:23] *** NY00123 roasted -t3>CJ
[06:34:24] [SAMI]: fast
[06:34:27] VegitoCC: is there a roller pu here?
[06:34:29] PJ CC: it doesn't feel tacked on in any way
[06:34:29] cooba[si]: nope
[06:34:31] PJ CC: no
[06:34:36] PJ CC: but there's one available in the script
[06:34:36] cooba[si]: but if you /sp and jjgod
[06:34:47] [P-F[Gpw]]: e cto
[06:34:48] [SAMI]: kill E ffs
[06:34:48] VegitoCC: wee CTO's
[06:34:55] *** PJ CC roasted ShakerNL
[06:34:55] ShakerNL's killing spree was ended by PJ CC!
[06:34:56] ShakerNL lost the Blue Flag
[06:34:56] SAMI made the score
[06:34:56] *** Blue Team scored a point
[06:34:58] SAMI: gg
[06:34:59] *** P-F[Gpw] captured the flag
[06:34:59] SAMI: gj
[06:35:00] [P-F[Gpw]]: 1
[06:35:01] ShakerNL: I blame cto
By: i:m, in: Funniest moments!Forum games2017-04-21 01:04
you scared razfiut away
By: Smoke[NC], in: Funniest moments!Forum games2017-04-20 16:46
[17:40:47] Razfire[win]: community here is rubbish nowadays, don't know why I even came back
[17:40:50] *** Razfire[win] left the game
[17:40:50] *** Dor[1] left the game
[17:40:56] Smoke[NC][win]: now that's what you call
[17:40:57] Smoke[NC][win]: an RQ
[17:41:16] Smoke Detector: LOL
By: cooba, in: Funniest moments!Forum games2017-04-16 12:23
[12:08:40] Smoke[NC]: DW=diamndous wars?
By: pirate, in: Funniest moments!Forum games2017-04-01 22:08
Okay, it might be 1st April but this is just hilarious! emo

[22:07:09] Jety: i have no enemies, i'm too friendly for everyone
By: Krzysiek, in: Funniest moments!Forum games2017-04-01 15:32
Jety's reaction for our 4-0 for me total result.

[15:28:39] Jety: krzy, you admit to play every day at last jdc round
[15:28:46] not el Kristo: lol
[15:28:48] Jety: why didn't you play? xd
[15:28:51] [NSC]Coolman67: shaker bot yapmasini biliyonmu
[15:29:31] Jety: krzy, no answer? xd
[15:29:33] not el Kristo: it was before u started to be annoying fuck
[15:29:37] not el Kristo: + jdc ended
[15:29:41] ShakerNL2: triggered
[15:29:47] Jety: i'm not annoying
[15:29:49] not el Kristo: yes uare
[15:30:13] Jety: try to win vs me without Rew's help from spec. mode ;>
[15:30:16] not el Kristo: XD
[15:30:17] not el Kristo: hahahaha
By: KRSplatinum, in: Should marijuana dealers accept PayPal?Off topic2017-03-09 08:14
(This post has been removed by the DEA)
By: i:m, in: Should marijuana dealers accept PayPal?Off topic2017-03-08 02:46
i am a new paypal user and even if i wasn't one i would never accept weed for money through any other transaction than cash in hand. don't be silly, in most of the countries selling weed is illegal, even if it was - unless you want to pay tax for your private business, you don't want any illegal money to be registered for them to see. this is the easiest way to give yourself out. do not ever propose this idea in public you bot
By: Krzysiek, in: Funniest moments!Forum games2017-03-04 17:37
[17:33:18] [Gpw]P-F: I wanna play team game
[17:33:41] Jety: find players for playing tb then xd
[17:33:52] not el Kristo: team game is also ctdf
[17:34:56] Jety: krzy, tb 1vs1 till 10 with smhealth 5 on battle map? it's ctf too
By: Kyro, in: Camel NewsCamel Servers2017-02-27 22:00
Added background to login screen.

By: pirate, in: Funniest moments!Forum games2017-02-23 22:19
[22:17:43] Smoke[NC]: w8 u in poland/?
[22:17:49] tictac[PL]: i went up and down today like 7 times already
[22:17:49] A7med: no
[22:17:50] tictac[PL]: i am
[22:17:54] Smoke[NC]: in prague?
By: Jelly Jam, in: Funniest moments!Forum games2017-02-19 17:14
[17:16:55] Miky[CDF]Roby: Im here to rule the world(hi)
By: Kyro, in: Camel NewsCamel Servers2017-02-01 12:05
Implemented !mutespectators & !unmutespectators for locally muting/unmuting spectators
By: Loon, in: Funniest moments!Forum games2017-01-31 20:52
[20:51:15] [NSC]Coolman67: Kyro web is a bot?
[20:51:20] kyr0CC: no its a human
By: Kyro, in: Camel NewsCamel Servers2017-01-30 17:31
2016, October
Added No Special Tiles (transforms translucent tiles into normal tiles)
Added colored minimap from seminimap.mut
Added better 640x480 resolution support for panels and login screen

2017, January
Replaced /nomovement with !nomovement for more features
Added !rnd2v2 for cycling into a random 2v2 map and fixed !rndpick

Implemented button to User Control Panel (F2) to reset fur colors
Added spam filter for Not Logged In (NLI) chat
By: Jelly Jam, in: Funniest moments!Forum games2017-01-24 23:22
The funny part is how he wrote noone instead of no one hardy har har
By: Krzysiek, in: Funniest moments!Forum games2017-01-24 19:14
[19:14:12] LoonCC: noone pays attention to me
[19:14:15] LoonCC: i love cunts
By: Krzysiek, in: Funniest moments!Forum games2017-01-07 18:16
[18:13:29] Miky[CDF]Roby: ill go watch anime (redtube)
By: Vivando, in: Funniest moments!Forum games2017-01-04 18:28
[19:27:34] T3 Rübenschwein: gpw = go pause and wait
By: Loon, in: Funniest moments!Forum games2016-12-17 00:51
This actually worked, lol..

[00:49:11] VS[Ktos]: loon, but
[00:49:12] VS[Ktos]: why.
[00:49:14] LooñCC: why do i have this
[00:49:17] tictac CDF: xD
[00:49:18] Axel829: Press F4
[00:49:23] Gigo: ..
[00:49:25] Axel829: or F3
[00:49:27] VS[Ktos]: alt + f4 rather
[00:49:34] *** Axel829 left the game
[00:49:34] *** Max180 left the game
[00:49:34] *** Leo296 left the game
[00:49:37] LooñCC: LOL
[00:49:38] VS[Ktos]: wait
[00:49:39] VS[Ktos]: what
[00:49:43] VS[Ktos]: did it actually work?
[00:49:48] LooñCC: lol?
[00:49:48] VS[Ktos]: WHAT
[00:49:50] VS[Ktos]: XD
[00:49:51] LooñCC: XD
[00:49:52] *** Axel829 joined the game
[00:49:52] *** Max180 joined the game
[00:49:52] *** Leo296 joined the game
[00:49:53] LooñCC: holy shit
[00:49:55] VS[Ktos]: THATS A FIRST ONE
[00:49:57] VS[Ktos]: IN A LONG TIME
[00:50:00] LooñCC: yeah
[00:50:01] LooñCC: lol
[00:50:05] LooñCC: omg